Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An ornament and Mary Baker WIP......

Well I promise I have done my ornament for the month.  Actually this is the 2nd one but the first one I forgot to take a picture of first before packing it away before our big move.  Soooooo......when I'm unpacking all my stitching and sewing supplies I hope to find it.

This ornament is from The Sampler Girl.

Here is an current picture of my Scarlet Letter Mary Baker.  I am loving working on this one too!!!

I hope you are having a great week!  I'm off to unpack some more so I can get to the fun things......LIKE XSTITCHING!!!


  1. Cute ornie--I probably have that somewhere in my stash! And your Mary Baker is great! I like that one... but does it have any over one or specialty stitching? Don't like over one at all, and don't know many specialty stitches yet! Hugs!

  2. Sweet ornament! I like your Mary Baker, too. Nice progress!

  3. Hope your boxes are done now and you can enjoy the weekend.