Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The move is over.....

YEAHHHH the big move is over.  We moved into a new house ..... 1bedroom less than the last house but that's ok.  We needed to downsize anyway.  The previous landlord wanted to sell her house but did give us the option to stay and raised the rent if we did.  We opted to not stay and thus had to find a new house to move into and thankfully my dear sweet friend Janet (who is a realtor) helped make that happen for us.

Now.....the bad part.....UNPACKING and getting the new house squared away and CLEANING THE OLD HOUSE to get the deposit back.  We were able to move a lot of things in straight away but the "big move" was all the furniture this last Saturday.  Boy am I glad that part is over with.  Now to finish cleaning the old house a little bit more this week, do the walk through next week, and by Feb 1 I should be back up to stitching.

What little I've felt like xstitching has been in the evening and's not been that much.  I am working on my German SAL Tulips Praise.  I am still on part 6 but I'm close to being done with it.  I hope to get caught up ASAP so I can be back along with everyone else.

But until that time......I need to get back to unpacking some more boxes here at the new house.  I promise to show more stitching pictures soon.  Plus I want to get back to my Scarlet Letter Mary Baker project.  Poor thing.....she is feeling neglected right now.  Maybe this weekend I will make time for her.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Moving house is such a lot of work and stress. Hopefully you will not have to do it again for sometime.

  2. So glad that ordeal is over for you. I did not like to see how stressed you were becoming. Consider this a *hug* on account and I hope to see you soon.


  3. congrats on the new house! I know how hard moving is good luck on getting everything in order.

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