Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wow.....a new year!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Thankfully I was able to wake up and spend it with my husband and children with all of us here together.  Of course....some people sleep in more than others.....a.k.a.....the children.....but hey, it's their Christmas break too.  Why not? 

We have had a very relaxing day watching the parades this morning and then going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.....only to watch football while we ate!  Grace opted to stay home to work on homework for the upcoming school semester as BWW is not one of her favorite places to go eat.  That was ok as we'll take her out to eat at her favorite place another time. 

I did xstitch some on one of my little ornaments that I had started already but I did cut fabric to start With Thy Needle & Thread January chart.  I did not start it as I needed to pull the threads for it and I just wasn't in the mood at the time.  I really just wanted to xstitch.....that's why I just grabbed the small ornament that was already started. 

I checked my email just now and had a wonderful surprise in there!!!!!  I had entered My Big Toe's contest on her blog for a chart or fob!  Debbie was kind enough to email me that I had won and to go choose a chart or fob of my choice from her website.  OOOOOOOO WHAT FUN I HAD to go "shopping" on her website to choose a chart of my choice.  I chose "A Woman of Noble Character".  I have always loved this verse in the bible and have loved this chart ever since it came out.   I've emailed her my mailing info and will wait patiently to receive it in the mail.  Meanwhile I have another of her designs waiting for me to frame it up.  It is for a friend so maybe I'll do that in the next day or so as I really need to get it to the person it is for.  But I do promise to show you the framed piece.

I hope you have had as great day as I have had to start 2013!!!  Until another time......



  1. Oh what fun to win. Congratulations.

  2. There's nothing quite as exciting as winning stitching stuff! Enjoy your new chart. :-)