Friday, January 25, 2013

Tulip Praise Part 6

YEAHHHH I was able to put the last few stitches in this a.m. on my Tulip Praise Part 6.  I've already taken a picture and posted it on my German Sticklouge yahoo group to show my progress.  I've only been stitching on it in the evening time to try and catch up to Part 8 where they are at right now.  I got behind when I put it aside to finish up DH's The Lord's Prayer project.

So in between all the packing, moving by van loads over, the BIG MOVE last Saturday, I have stitched on this project when I have felt like it.  Then came the cleaning of the old house but I am almost finished with that as well.  And finish unpacking all the boxes left in the new house.....mainly in my sewing room has the most that is left.  Oh well.  I'll get there.

Now....enough chattering on and on.  You came here to see the picture of the WIP of Tulip Praise.  Yes....I put it as Tulip's Praise when I noted it on the picture but I'll fix that when I complete part 7.

Now I'm off to have lunch with DH on the base.  Then it's back home to xstitch some more!!!

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Beautiful, Brenda!

    Happy Stitches,

    -Holly in VA

  2. How may I contact you privately? I have questions for you about sources for charts, etc. in Germany. (will be there this spring)
    Thanks, Helen

  3. Truly beautiful. How romantic ro have a lunch date with your DH.

  4. It's turning out great! It also reminds me that I should have planted new bulbs because gophers ate my tulips. Ha!

    Hey..want to join our SAL?