Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best friend Kimberly's b-day gift...

Yeah I can post this picture now of BBD Waiting For the Harvest.  I stitched this pincushion up for my best friend and sent it along with several other goodies for her to enjoy!  Kimberly is the one who went with me to the Dyeing To Stitch Retreat in VA Beach and while at the Dyeing To Stitch store, I asked her about the chart.  It sooooo looked like what she would like and so ..... I just casually asked her if she liked it.  I went with the chart colors and fabric .... which were Kimberly's colors.  She loves antique things and what a great opportunity it was for me to "inquire" what she thought about it.  hehe   Sneaky ...I know!

The back is WDW Herringbone wool felt.  It is filled with the crushed walnut shells that BBD recommends.  She loved it along with the other presents I sent.

Happy Stitching everyone.  I'm still working on my mom's ornament so I hope to have that to share soon too!


  1. Beautiful gift. I'm sure your friend will treasure it.


  2. Wonderful gift for your friend! We have to be sneaky sometimes to make sure we're giving something they'll like.

  3. What a beautiful gift you have made for your friend!

    Greetings from Debby