Thursday, January 12, 2012

A day off and a new start....

Have you ever given yourself a day off?  I try to occasionally but sometimes my "day off" ends up running an errand for my children, the house or I end up doing laundry anyway thus ending in not really a day of per say.  Today I decided I am NOT doing any chores, running any errands, cleaning anything on the house.  This is to be MY DAY to do whatever I choose to do.

I choose to START A NEW PROJECT!  hehe  This one is small and it is a Shepherd's Bush scissor fob from my retreat last Oct that I went to with Dyeing To Stitch in VA Beach with my best friend.  We took the SB class and the Shakespeare's Peddler class track.  I bought two small kits of SB that was "retreat exclusive".  One kit was for a small scissor fob to attach to the new pink polka dot scissors that came out this summer.  I received the pink polka dot scissors as a birthday gift from a dear friend so of course....I had to have the scissor fob for them.  Who wants naked scissors?   The other small kit was the matching pincushion.  Both the pincushion and scissor fob coordinate with the SB retreat project.  I promise to show the finished product here soon. 

So now I'm going to try and stay OFF the computer as we all know how we can spend and waste too much time looking at this or that online.  I don't play internet games so that is never my downfall.  I just like to read other stitchers blogs and see what is all new out there in the cross stithing world. 

Happy stitching to you and to myself today!


  1. I hope you have a productive stitching day.

  2. Actually, a day OFF the computer sounds like a great idea. Between e-mail, blog reading, facebook, banking, and everything else, it seems like I spend over half my day on the computer. All that time I could be stitching or exercising!