Monday, January 9, 2012

Pic of my new start..... I posted in my last post that I was going to start a new project for Becky Bee's contest and that was going to be My Big Toe The Lord's Prayer.  I did start it on Sat afternoon and managed to get some serious stitching in that afternoon.  Then I was able to xstitch some more on it yesterday (Sunday).  This is the pic of the work from both day's.  I've not had a chance to xstitch any at all today due to other circumstances but I hope to be able to squeeze a little bit of time in later on tonight.

I apologize for the wrinkles but I wanted to post a pic of what I've gotten accomplished for two 1/2 days worth of xstitching time.  I wished it had been more but maybe that will happen this Thursday.  I'll keep you posted though and I thank you for following my progress on this huge project!  As my daughter gently reminded me, it is not as difficult as my Mystic Stitch Jesus Walking on Water or Examplars From the Heart Resurrection pieces.  I just love her encouragement for me on this project and she is sooooo right!  Both of those projects also went to my husband which this one will also go to my husband as well!

I will need to squeeze in a little time at night to work on my Ornament of the Month which I need to get a sign up for on  my blog somewhere and soon!  I have already done 1 ornament for this year already and have started another which will go to my mom for xmas this year.   So please keep checking back and see what I come up with for my Ornament SAL.

Happy Stitching


  1. Lovely progress of your new start! I haven't stitched my ornament for this month yet, but it's on the top of my list now ;)

  2. Great start and it is going to be so pretty!

  3. A stunning start Brenda - I am looking forward to watching this one grow!

    My first ornament of 2012 is stitched but not finished Sew Nicole 1847 is stitched and hemstitched but needs to be framed. I should be working on my class piece - oh why am I putting it off?