Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An ornament and Mary Baker WIP......

Well I promise I have done my ornament for the month.  Actually this is the 2nd one but the first one I forgot to take a picture of first before packing it away before our big move.  Soooooo......when I'm unpacking all my stitching and sewing supplies I hope to find it.

This ornament is from The Sampler Girl.

Here is an current picture of my Scarlet Letter Mary Baker.  I am loving working on this one too!!!

I hope you are having a great week!  I'm off to unpack some more so I can get to the fun things......LIKE XSTITCHING!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tulip Praise Part 6

YEAHHHH I was able to put the last few stitches in this a.m. on my Tulip Praise Part 6.  I've already taken a picture and posted it on my German Sticklouge yahoo group to show my progress.  I've only been stitching on it in the evening time to try and catch up to Part 8 where they are at right now.  I got behind when I put it aside to finish up DH's The Lord's Prayer project.

So in between all the packing, moving by van loads over, the BIG MOVE last Saturday, I have stitched on this project when I have felt like it.  Then came the cleaning of the old house but I am almost finished with that as well.  And next......to finish unpacking all the boxes left in the new house.....mainly in my sewing room has the most that is left.  Oh well.  I'll get there.

Now....enough chattering on and on.  You came here to see the picture of the WIP of Tulip Praise.  Yes....I put it as Tulip's Praise when I noted it on the picture but I'll fix that when I complete part 7.

Now I'm off to have lunch with DH on the base.  Then it's back home to xstitch some more!!!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The move is over.....

YEAHHHH the big move is over.  We moved into a new house ..... 1bedroom less than the last house but that's ok.  We needed to downsize anyway.  The previous landlord wanted to sell her house but did give us the option to stay and raised the rent if we did.  We opted to not stay and thus had to find a new house to move into and thankfully my dear sweet friend Janet (who is a realtor) helped make that happen for us.

Now.....the bad part.....UNPACKING and getting the new house squared away and CLEANING THE OLD HOUSE to get the deposit back.  We were able to move a lot of things in straight away but the "big move" was all the furniture this last Saturday.  Boy am I glad that part is over with.  Now to finish cleaning the old house a little bit more this week, do the walk through next week, and by Feb 1 I should be back up to stitching.

What little I've felt like xstitching has been in the evening and then....it's not been that much.  I am working on my German SAL Tulips Praise.  I am still on part 6 but I'm close to being done with it.  I hope to get caught up ASAP so I can be back along with everyone else.

But until that time......I need to get back to unpacking some more boxes here at the new house.  I promise to show more stitching pictures soon.  Plus I want to get back to my Scarlet Letter Mary Baker project.  Poor thing.....she is feeling neglected right now.  Maybe this weekend I will make time for her.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!!  May your birthday be a very special and blessed one and that no frogs visit you during your stitching time!!!!

I took this "self portrait" of us before our class started when we both attended the Shepherd's Bush Retreat this past September.

Ok Kimberly.....don't be mad at me for posting our picture.  You know how much I love taking pictures when we go to our xstitch retreats.  I'm always snapping pictures left and right and she always tries to run from my camera but I at least get one great picture of us for my photos!!!  She HATES for her picture to be taken but what are best friends for taking those FUN pictures!!!


Tulips Praise Part 5.....

Yeah.....I finally finished stitching my German yahoo group Tulips Praise part 5!!!!  I had put this project aside for a while to get DH's My Big Toe The Lord's Prayer finished up.  Now I'm playing catch up to get caught up with everyone else.  I know I have a lot going on right now but I really hoping to get caught up with everyone else.  I think part 8 will be released on Jan 15.

Alright....enough rambling and on to the picture.

Until another time....HAPPY STITCHING!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Scarlet Letter Mary Baker WIP

Here is my WIP on my Scarlet Letter chart Mary Baker!!! This is the first SL chart I've ever stitched and it' going quickly thus far. Fabric: 36ct Bisque Lakeside Linen Threads: Gloriana silk Thistle Green, Cranberry, Pomagranate, India Ink
At least I've gotten Blogger to post my pictures again. I clicked on a button and it uploads them in the HTML form......so what I see are a lot of codes and have to preview my posts before actually sending it to post. But AT LEAST I can post pictures now. I liked the other way better so I can see what my picturs look like on my blog without having to "preview" it first. Happy Stitching.

MBT The Lord's Prayer FRAMED picture!!!!

It's finally framed!!!!
Well I must have done something right to get the pictures to upload. I am NOT going to complain in the least bit either. Here are the specifics of what I used for this wonderful project. Fabric: 32ct Vintage Country Grain Belfast linen Threads: Au Ver A Soie 1436 (blue) and Au Ver A Soie 946 (red) Thank you for celebrating with me in the completion of this project for my husband's office.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wow.....a new year!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  Thankfully I was able to wake up and spend it with my husband and children with all of us here together.  Of course....some people sleep in more than others.....a.k.a.....the children.....but hey, it's their Christmas break too.  Why not? 

We have had a very relaxing day watching the parades this morning and then going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.....only to watch football while we ate!  Grace opted to stay home to work on homework for the upcoming school semester as BWW is not one of her favorite places to go eat.  That was ok as we'll take her out to eat at her favorite place another time. 

I did xstitch some on one of my little ornaments that I had started already but I did cut fabric to start With Thy Needle & Thread January chart.  I did not start it as I needed to pull the threads for it and I just wasn't in the mood at the time.  I really just wanted to xstitch.....that's why I just grabbed the small ornament that was already started. 

I checked my email just now and had a wonderful surprise in there!!!!!  I had entered My Big Toe's contest on her blog for a chart or fob!  Debbie was kind enough to email me that I had won and to go choose a chart or fob of my choice from her website.  OOOOOOOO WHAT FUN I HAD to go "shopping" on her website to choose a chart of my choice.  I chose "A Woman of Noble Character".  I have always loved this verse in the bible and have loved this chart ever since it came out.   I've emailed her my mailing info and will wait patiently to receive it in the mail.  Meanwhile I have another of her designs waiting for me to frame it up.  It is for a friend so maybe I'll do that in the next day or so as I really need to get it to the person it is for.  But I do promise to show you the framed piece.

I hope you have had as great day as I have had to start 2013!!!  Until another time......


2 last xstitch finishes.......

Yeah!!!  I was able to finish stitching LHN Seaons of Love ornament last night.  I'm sorry about the wrinkles but I've been busy today with other household things.  I promise to show it again once I've done the "finishing" work on it with back and cording.  This was stitched on a 36ct linen and threads that the Attic changed it to be similar to what the chart recommended. 

Then I started another ornament tonight that I've been wanting to do for a while now.  The Sampler Girl Dash Away All ornament on 30ct natural linen using Hand Dyed fibers from my stash in premium silks.

Yes.....I photographed it on a Christmas napkin.  My daughter was teasing me about it but I thought it offset the ornament nicely!!!  haha

And to all.....a good night and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!