Friday, July 18, 2014

A Birthday present early!!!

OH YEAHHH!!!  I got to talk with one of my best friends this past Wednesday!  Since she and I live on different time zones, calling is not always possible for us but we both email everyday!!!  She knew we about to move so she mailed my birthday present early due to some busy schedules in her own life.  Since we first thought we were leaving the first part to middle of July to go to Florida but was then changed by the Air Force earlier in May for us to go to OH.  Yeahhhhhhh I get to have 4 seasons again!!!  I am soooo looking forward to that even though I am cold natured, I feel better in cooler weather due to my Multiple Schlerosis.   I have come to appreciate the cooler/colder weather as I feel better and less fatigued with it but my M.S. mainly affects my vision when it bothers me.  And that is NOT GOOD for a cross stitcher.  I just stitch on bigger fabric and not the 36ct, 40ct, or 45ct when my M.S. is affecting my vision. 

I told Kimberly that I would LOVE to have one of her sampler charts as my birthday present.  Her company is Samplers Not Forgotten, and I loved her Springtime In My Garden sampler.  So I asked her if I could open up my birthday presents while I had her on  the phone as I did not know what I would be doing on my birthday.  I probably will be lost in the mountain of boxes unpacking for our new house in OH.  She said yes and here is what she sent me!!!!  I always love her presents and wished I had taken a picture of how beautifully she had wrapped them.  They look too pretty to unwrap but I did anyway! :)   But I always love ALL my birthday presents from my family and friends.

I LOVE ALL MY PRESENTS that she sent!!!!  I can't WAIT to start my new chart after I get moved so I know what is going to motivate me to get all those boxes UNPACKED and the house all set up.  What a motivation to get something done??!!!  Does anyone else do that?  Bargain with yourself to motivate yourself to get something done?  I do....all the time.  If I want to do something fun, then I will make sure to get all my chores done before I sit down to stitch and that way I don't feel any guilt whatsoever in sitting there xstitching!!!  hehe  But there is a small little cake fob that will go on my new pink polka dot scissors!!!  And don't you just love that pincushion she made me????  I love how she finished the edging.  One of these days, I'm going to have to use her method of trimming around the edge!!!  The little "B" notebook has already been put to good use of being me "To Do List" and "Don't Forget This" list. 

That's all for now.  I must go and start packing up my sewing room some more in preparation for our move.  I like to pack certain things in my sewing room before the packers get here next week.  I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing but please check back often just to see if I've updated on something......or I might really be just stuck in a box unpacking during the month of August. haha

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A friend is selling her STASH!!!

I am helping my friend Barbara get her stash downsized.  Barbara has categoried her stash which makes it easier for you to shop, and she has dedicated a page strictly for selling her stash called Leaflets 4 Less on her blog.  Just click on her link to take you directly to her blog for the stash for sale.  She has it set up so you can contact her directly by clicking on "Purchasing Info" on how to get in touch with her. 

So go check out her blog to see if there is something that you might need, want, been looking for, or missed out on getting when it came out before.

Happy Shopping!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

A contest to share about.......

Parsley of Seasons of My Mind is hosting a contest because she completed all her training and is now an Emergency Medical Technician!!!!  How exciting is that to work for something for so long and then to complete it to be certified as an Emergency Medical Technician.  You can read about her contest on this link, Seasons Of My Mind or the one above.....or in my blog listing at the right.  She is giving away a wonderful bag that can be used for many different uses!!  So go check out her blog and enter her contest!!!

Happy Stitching

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I want to wish everyone  a very Happy 4th of July!!!  We are spending today together as a family just resting, relaxing, just enjoying spending time together.  We will watch some movies, grill some burgers for lunch while a nice brisket bakes for our dinner!!  I will most likely be stitching on some patriotic small project while watching the movies.  I have a several in mind but deciding WHICH ONE TO START will be hard to decide.  Here is what I'm thinking of starting:

1. LHN Liberty Belles
2. Stitchin' and Life in A Small Town 4th of July freebie HERE
3. BRD Patriotic Patchwork .....I would stitch the pincushion from this chart. 

As I was reading some my blogs from my list on the right side, I did see on Priscilla's Blog that she had made the CUTEST patriotic sugar cookies!! She said she used the Mrs. Field's Sugar Cookie recipe.  I was excited to read about this as I HAVE THIS COOKBOOK!!!!  I love it and I make my chocolate chip cookies out of it as well as many other recipes!  I HIGHLY suggest you invest in buying it!!!

I'm off to pick my new start for today!!!  I did finish stitching BBD In Full Glory pincushion while on vacation.  Maybe I can squeeze in a few minute to sew a backing fabric on it and get it FINISHED as a new pincushion.

Happy 4th of July and.....HAPPY STITCHING!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just Nan SAL .......

Today is our JN SAL posting date.  Zeb of Keep Calm and Cross Stitch is hosting this SAL.  You can click on the link at the top to take you to the rules of this SAL or on her link next to her name.

Well, I had started JN Pansy Basket small filigree packet while on vacation.  I got the MAJORITY of it done while on vacation but just ran out of time for completing the stitching and then finishing it into the box.  So.....I will just use that one for next month's JN SAL. 

When realizing I would not finish the Pansy Basket project, I pulled out JN Winter Heart Humbug.  It was all xstitched, and I just had to sew on the beads to finish it.  Then what did I do but stitch the outline in the WRONG COLOR last night.  So I had to rip that out despite my husband saying "Oh it will be fine with that color." wouldn't!  I explained to him the blue outline should have been stitched in 2 strands white for the finishing of the humbug.  He understood what I was talking about AFTER it was finished. 

This humbug was stitched in the thread colors called for and the suggested fabric.




I tried to take pictures all around it for you to see.  I JUST LOVE IT!!!!  IT'S SOOOO CUTE!!!!  My husband did ask if it had a "use" or was it for just decoration.  I just looked at him, grinned and said, "Decoration!"  hehe

I have the remaining Humbugs in this series so look for them to be stitched hopefully this year!!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

TUSAL report......

WOW.....where did June go to??????  Well when you add in a vacation and then come back home and be just as busy as you were on vacation.....TIME FLIES!!  So this month I have stitched a lot while on vacation.  I managed to remember to take my little ORT keeper to keep all my ORTs in while on vacation.  I came back and added them to my ORT jar.  It's starting to really fill up.  I can't wait to see how full it will be by Dec!!!

I've already shown you one picture of the finishes I did while on vacation.  That was the BRD Redbirds Rejoice for my "smalls" blog post.  The other is a LK Faith, Hope & Love that I still need to add one small button to and I can say she is fully finished.  The other project that I was able to finish was BBD In Full Glory!!  I am still deciding on whether to add the year 2014 on it or put my initial on it.  I'm leaning more towards the year.  What do you think???

I'm off to stitch.  I have been advising/overseeing/helping my daughter sew her ComiCon outfit this year.  She did great sewing her first full outfit by herself.  There were a few tidbits that I had to help with but overall she did great!  Not an easy outfit to make for someone for the first time so that's why I said she did great.  I'll try to share that in another post as my son also made him a costume for them to go to a Comic Book/ComiCon convention type thing this morning.  (Which meant I got to run errands with hubby and have a LUNCH DATE to ourselves!!!  WOOHOO)  Don't get me wrong....I love having my kids along but sometimes it's nice to just have a date, even if it is for lunch, with my hubby!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 27, 2014

iStitch Exchange Received.....

YEAHHHH!!!!  I received my iStitch Exchange yesterday in the mail.  I wanted to take pictures of it and post it but I was heading out the door when I got back from the mailbox.  My recipient also received hers on Wednesday as well.  I had asked Carol of iStitch if my partner could send mine early as we were possibly anticipating an upcoming move and I DEFINITELY DID NOT want it to get lost in the mail.  And it didn't.  It arrived safe and sound!!!

Here is what I received from Renee from the Netherlands!!!!  She stitched iStitch Design freebie in the most beautiful pink color and made it into a needlebook.  If you were in AZ, I'm sure you heard my squeal of delight!!!  (Most of my friends know to stay a little ways away from me when something xstitch related excites me as I tend to squeal in delight!)  Renee also sent this lovely skein of Flower Thread that is made in London, England along with a beautifully handwritten card!!!  (Now to find a sweet project to stitch with this flower thread!!!)

 Here is the complete outside of the needlebook. Renee beaded the spine of the needlebook!!!  Click on the picture to see it better.  Then she stitched random sewing motifs for the back.

Here is the inside of the needlebook!  What creativity she had finishing this needlebook.  It's also a great reference to me when I get around to making one for a gift in the future.  She included PINK SCISSORS (YEAHHHHH!!!!), needlethreader and seam ripper on the right side of the needlebook.  On the left side, Renee included various needles.  The little page lifts to hold more but I couldn't get it photographed to show the 2nd page. 

I am just simply in awe of the creativity for the finishing of this book.  I was able to take it and show it off to my stitching friends last night at the Attic's Open Stitch night. 

Thank you Renee for my wonderful and beautiful needlebook for Carol's iStitch Exchange!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!   (Yes.....another squeal!) hehe


Here is what I sent to my recipient, Jean Moran Leone.   I xstitched Sew Scattered and made it into a medium project bag.  This was a "learning finish" for me.  I had the design xstitched right away and then I had to decide HOW I wanted to finish it.  I actually got the idea from Pinterest but modified to make it work for my design.  I thought it turned out really nice but the main thing was that Jean loved her project bag as well. 

Now.....I have to make me an iStitch project bag. 

That is all I have to share for today.  (I'm sorry I some of you got this post 2X!  I accidentally hit the publish button before finishing typing!)  oops