Monday, April 30, 2012

My WIP on The Lord's Prayer....

I thought I would take a pic of My Big Toe The Lord's Prayer project and let you see how it's coming along.  I took most of March off from working on it because my mom flew out to spend Spring Break with us and go site seeing of the Grand Canyon and some other sites in AZ. 

After mom left, I was stitching on some smalls and now I've gotten back to stitching on this and here is where I am at as of today. 

I hope to start a new project called The Sweetheart Tree Fathers for me to give to my dad for Father's Day present.  I have some other smalls that I work on while working on such a huge project as this Lord's Prayer.  Of course.....I have to get my xmas ornaments stitched up each month as well so I will be picking up my newest release from LHN at the Attic on Sat.  I can't wait!!!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Mother's Day present for my mom

I have wanted to do this chart The Sweetheart Tree Mothers for a while now, and I decided since I had it all kitted up that this would be the perfect present for my mom's Mother's Day present this year.  I will also give her money to go shopping as well, but I found the perfect frame for it from Hobby Lobby.  The fibers used were Hand Dyed Fibers, and it was stitched on 28ct cream linen and beads added where needed.

I just wanted her to have something xstitched by me this year for a present.  I hope she loves it.

I will show some more finishes this coming week and some WIPs projects too!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Easter pincushion......

I just LOVED stitching this little pincushion.  It is an iStitch design called Sew RabbitS.  You can buy this chart here .  Just scroll down the page to find it.  I had it stitched up for a while but was looking for the "perfect" backing fabric to finish it off with and I did.  It is filled with the crushed walnuts.

It is stitched on 38ct Green Gander linen using Hand Dyed Fibers regular silk Golden Blush 1 strand over 2 threads.

I will have other finishes to share over the next few days.

Happy Stitching.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Finishes as of recent......

I know I had said that I had some finishing to do so I decided last week to get my recent stitched pieces all finished up to take them for Show and Share last Sunday at the Attic.  I hope you enjoy seeing some newly finished pieces that may inspire you to finish some things as well.  Or to xstitch an ornament ahead fo time to be ready for Christmas this coming year.

Shepherd's Bush Easter Egg Needleroll (It was a UFO from my stash that I wanted to get done to enjoy this year.)

I have some more Easter finishes but again.....I still need to take pictures of them.

LHN Tree Farm 2012 ornament

LHN Quaker Birds 2012 ornament

iStitch LOVE freebie (you can go find this free chart on iStitch link under my favorite blogs listing)

iStitch LOVE freebie was stitched in Hand Dyed Fibers Winterberried Too varigated silk.  What a fun finish this one was!!!

I have more finishes but for some reason my first pictures of them did not turn out the way I wanted them to so they still need to be photographed.  They will be in upcoming blog postings!

Have a great weekend and HAPPY STITCHING as always!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hummingbird picture.....

I know I posted last year about a hummingbird making a nest in my front porch lamp but then I think she flew away and never came back because maybe she thought I was disturbing her nest. 

There is another hummingbird this year....around the same time frame as last year.....and she has made a nest again in the same front porch lamp.  Well I don't know if it is the same hummingbird or not but I will keep telling myself that for now.  She is soooo sweet just sitting there every day on her nest.  I finally was able to get a picture without disturbing her this year.  You can see her here in the picture.

Isn't she just beautiful!!!????  Hummingbirds are my favorite bird!  I really should xstitch one to hang in my house.   Like a chart from Crossed Wing Collection or Valerie Pfeiffer by Heritage Crafts.  I think I have one from each designer.

I have some xstitch projects that are calling my name to be finished up so I will have some new xstitching photos to show you here soon.  I wanted to get some things "finished" so I can take them to the Attic on Sampler Sunday which is this Sunday.  Unfortunately I have not worked on any of my samplers that I have wanted to but I have been stitching small projects as of lately.  None the less....I've been xstitching.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My xmas present!!!!

YEAHHHH I got my Christmas present from my best friend!  Actually I got it on Tues of this past week but I've had such a very busy week that I haven't had a chance to really take a picture of it and post on my blog!  I don't mind that it is late.  She knows that!!!  I just love this Lavender sachet that she made me and's filled with real Lavender!  It smells sooooo lovely!!!!  I have it on display in my guest bedroom!

Front side:


On display in my guest bedroom and not just laid down to take a pic of it:

Yes.....that is a picture taken of me and my husband when we were in college dating and going to an AFROTC formal!!!  WOW....did I ever have some big hair back then!!! was in the early 90s!!!  Yes I did make the formal I was wearing in the picture in case anyone wants to know.  You know me so well as I RARELY buy formal dresses!

Thank you for looking and reading my blog!  I hope to have some more finishes to show you next week as I did finish a With Thy Needle and Thread Chocolate Bunnies chart and I'm just about to finish my mom's Mother's Day stitched gift today!  And who knows what ornament I might finish this coming week!

Happy Stitching!