Saturday, April 7, 2012

My xmas present!!!!

YEAHHHH I got my Christmas present from my best friend!  Actually I got it on Tues of this past week but I've had such a very busy week that I haven't had a chance to really take a picture of it and post on my blog!  I don't mind that it is late.  She knows that!!!  I just love this Lavender sachet that she made me and's filled with real Lavender!  It smells sooooo lovely!!!!  I have it on display in my guest bedroom!

Front side:


On display in my guest bedroom and not just laid down to take a pic of it:

Yes.....that is a picture taken of me and my husband when we were in college dating and going to an AFROTC formal!!!  WOW....did I ever have some big hair back then!!! was in the early 90s!!!  Yes I did make the formal I was wearing in the picture in case anyone wants to know.  You know me so well as I RARELY buy formal dresses!

Thank you for looking and reading my blog!  I hope to have some more finishes to show you next week as I did finish a With Thy Needle and Thread Chocolate Bunnies chart and I'm just about to finish my mom's Mother's Day stitched gift today!  And who knows what ornament I might finish this coming week!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. What a lovely gift. OMG! The 90's do I ever remember the big hair. LOL