Saturday, June 22, 2013

LHN Courage Sheep Virtue finish......

Yeahhhh....I was able to finish stitching this little sheep ornament earlier this week.  I am having such a wonderful time stitching them.  I am using the DMC called for on the 36ct fabric that is suggested by the Attic.  Now I just need to find some great finishing fabric for them all as I really don't want to use the wool felt.  I may end up having to use it if I can't find the perfect regular woven fabric.

I have not been able to xstitch on my 272 Words for my husband this week.  Too many errands/chores.  You know how it is.  I'm sure you have those weeks yourself also but I am going to work on it tonight.  I've gotten everything else done so now I'm ready to sit and stitch the night away tonight. 

I have 2 more actual finishes but I can't show those yet.  They are birthday presents but I will soon.  Until then.....HAPPY STITCHING!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My current WIP......

Just a quick blog post tonight to really show my progress on Primrose Needleworks 272 Words.  This is a project for my husband!  It is stitched on 36ct Colorscapes Legacy linen using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads called for on the chart with the exception of the red color.  It is a Crescent Color thread.  I'm having a great time stitching it.  Thankfully I found a mistake I had stitched it but was able to rip it out and restitch it correctly.

Now that my exchange partner has received her "Stitched Scissor Fob" that I xstitched up recently on one of my message boards, I can now show you what I made for her.  This is Blue Ribbon Designs Sampler In the Square Scissor fob using Hand Dyed Fibers premium silk threads.



This was such a fun and quick stitched project to make up that I'm thinking I need to make myself one.  I used Sassy's 32ct fabric and the color name of the fabric escapes me at the moment but I just used some scraps from a piece of fabric that had been cut on.  This project doesn't take that much fabric and is such a quick stitch that I recommend this chart to everyone for those quick gifts you might need at the last minute.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gigi R Designs Sweet Adeline.....

I meant to post this with my other WIP and finishes last night but I just forgot....until this morning.  I am doing this wonderful fun little chart as a SAL with 2 other friends of mine.  All 3 of us picked out the same color fabric and thread......40ct Bittersweet Lakeside Linen and Gentle Arts Sampler Thread Schoolhouse Red as called for on the chart.  I think it is soooo sweet and such a fun chart to stitch on that I just want to continue on and do my second part.

Here is another small WIP that I'm stitching on as well.  LHN designed a special chart for Attic Needlework shop as she does sometimes for businesses.  I know she had done this for The Busy Needle in Tucson, AZ as well but sad to say that The Busy Needle has now closed it's doors.  I am just having fun with this little chart to give me a break from all the other big projects I am working on.

It is being stitched on 36ct Antique White Edinborough with the Belle Soie Silks that were included with the chart.

I'm sorry for the photography on this one.  I was having a hard time with the sun coming through the windows in that particular part of my house.  The next one will be much better....I promise.

Until another post.....HAPPY STITCHING!

Some stitching pictures.....

Here are a couple of ornaments I stitched up last month and took quick pictures.

LHN Peace Sheep Virtue xstitched in the DMC colors called.  I'm sorry it is looking a little sideways.  I'll try to do better next time.

MBT Christmas Joys ornament xstitched with Hand Dyed Fibers in premium. I'm hoping to take one Saturday to do some finishing work on all these ornaments.

MBT Grace Building Block.  I still have to frame this up for her but I DID FINISH it on the day of her graduation!!!  I just gave it to her on the day of her graduation party.

Scarlet Letter Mary Baker WIP.

And last is the beginning of Primrose Needleworks 272 Words.  I had started this for my husband but realized that I had started it on the LONG side of the fabric and not the SHORT side.  I had stitched in all the stars and ribbon all along the top row of the project when I realized I had started on the wrong side.  Sooooo......I had to rip it all out on that Tuesday the day the pic was taken.  I'm sure you can see some the parts where it was stitched in on the right top side.  But I'm made up for all this wrong stitching and I am thankfully WAY FARTHER ALONG on the project.

I'm currently working on it tonight so I will try to take a newer picture tomorrow to show you really how far along I am.  

That is all I have to share for tonight's post.  

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation pictures....

Wow....boy am I late in posting my daughter's graduation pictures.  But in all honesty I have just been very busy.  So my sincere apologies also.  I did take pics of some my xstitching project with great intentions of posting them here and I will.....maybe later on today but just not in this post.  It's all about Grace.

All the students marching in to take their seats.

There she is!!!!!

Looking back to find her family

They are all seated on the baseball field!!!

Being recognized for National Honor Society

Walking to get in line to get her diploma

Accepting her diploma

They are all graduated and just waiting to be dismissed.

Walking to where they can all toss their caps!

Graduation cap toss!

Grace posing with family and friends!

Grace with her family!!!!