Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another SB pillow finish.....

Yeah!!!  I got the last of Angelica's pillows finished for her!!!  (She's probably saying to herself that it's about time.) We bought the pillow finishing for these charts when we went to the SB retreat last year.  Angelica got all of hers all stitched up as you can see but I still have mine to get stitched up.  I will though.  I was just "practicing" on the finishing on her pillows! hehe  I will make that a point to get mine all xstitched up this coming year in between my B.O.Ps (big ole projects).    They really don't take a long time to xstitch up and I already have one started for myself.  I did xstitch up the Hallows Grins here recently as you can see in a previous post of mine.  So here is her latest pillow.

While I was in my sewing room last night, I did go ahead and do the finishing work on my LHN Gingerbread Cookie ornament.  I will take a picture tomorrow of it along with another small Prairie Schooler ornament that I stitched up this past week when I have better lighting.  I even got the finishing work done for those 2 as well.

If you will notice, I have the Just Nan 2014 SAL coming up this next year.  If you want more information on that one, please click on the link to read more about it.  I figured this was going to be really great for me as I have so many of her charts as well.

Also......just to keep the news about Samplers Not Forgotten contest, I want to put in another plug for that contest as well.  Please scroll down farther in my blog to read about it and see how you can win a Samplers Not Forgotten chart of your choice.  I'm SOOOOO CLOSE to reaching my 100 followers but I can't do it by myself.  I need your help in getting to that goal and you can also win one of her charts too.  I do know that she's got another one out there called Maria Simoncini.  I can't decide which one is my favorite now. 

I'm off to stitch on my SAL of MBT The Apostle's Creed.  I feel so behind but I also have to take in account that I've been doing a lot more sewing and finishing of smaller things.  Plus add in the household chores.....well we won't even go there. 

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  May you enjoy your time with your family and friends you are spending it with today.  I pray that today and every day you find something to be THANKFUL for.  It was 22years today that my husband asked me to marry him!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another SB pillow finish......

Oh how I wished I could keep these.  I'm doing the finishing work for my friend Angelica.  I do have the charts in my stash all kitted up READY to be stitched so that is a great thing on my part.  And these little window pane pillows really do not take long to stitch up.  I just need to work it into my rotation of stitching and get them stitched up.

But here is SB Christmas Joys pillow and the backing fabric.  I thought it turned out really nice....if I say so myself.

Now....I know what I need to put into my stitching pile for this coming year!!!

Happy Stitching!

New Christmas Stash.....

Ok....if you haven't realized it by now......I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I love the whole meaning behind Christmas.  I love shopping for others, the wrapping of gifts and giving to others!!!  I love it to be cold (which by the way I have come to appreciate the cold because I feel so much better with my Multiple Schlerosis) that way I can snuggle up on the couch with a good movie and xstitch the day away!  But as you see, I xstitch ornaments all year long.  I start with the ornaments for gifts first and then after that, I stitch them for me and my family.

So when Jean at Attic Needleworks had Christmas charts and kits discounted this month if you are an Attic Addict (which I am by the way), I could get a 15% discount.  I thought that was good enough excuse to go shopping!  Right???  Somebody out there PLEASE AGREE with me!  :-)  So here is what I was able to  pick up.  I did remember to take a picture of it the day I got it even though I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

Of course, the threads to the top left go with the WTN&T Paper Snowflakes chart because I changed the colors for the house on the chart.  Then I also needed the Sampler Thread Antique Roses to restitch the BBD XOX mini stocking. See my previous post for a picture of it.  It almost takes a full 5yard skein of Antique Rose when stitching it.  I also thought the BRD It's Cold Outside will make GREAT PRESENTS for next year.  I just love her designs and I didn't have this one in my stash.   And of course, now that I am going to be doing the Just Nan 2014 SAL (see my easy link on the right side of my blog to link you where to sign up for it), I thought I would add 2 more quick stitch projects for my stash as well.  Not that I needed to but again....I DIDN'T HAVE THEM in my stash. 

Ok.....I think yall get the picture so I will quit trying to rationalize my buying the new charts.  hehe  But I blame Cathy from With Needle and Thread as she had stitched JN Cardinals and showed it on her blog.  Be sure to go and scroll down to see it.  It was soooo cute I knew I had to get it add to my stash.  I just finished stitching up JN Gingerbread Jingle Mouse for this year and it went quickly that I knew that this cardinal would go quick as well.  I hope to show him here soon.  I just have to do the assembly part to make him into a mouse.

Now....I'm off to my sewing room to cut out Christmas dresses for myself and my daughter.  I will make mine this week and then get started on hers so that all I have to do is the "fitting" when she comes home for Christmas. 

Wish me luck too as I am trying to finish up my The Scarlet Letter Mary Baker.  I'm SOOOO CLOSE to finishing that I just need to sit down and take a day or 2 to finish her.  Until another post, I wish everyone here in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

iStitch Designs Advent SAL...

If you aren't a follower of iStitch Designs, I want to share this link for you.  Carol, of iStitch Designs, has come up with an Advent SAL.  There are only a few more spaces left but I'M SOOOO EXCITED as she just posted a snippet to give us an idea of what it is going to look like.  She says it is small enough to keep up with and she did give information on how much threads you will need.  I LOVE IT. 

You can find the link HERE.

Ohhhhhh I am soooo glad she went ahead and stitched it so we would know how much thread to buy!!!   Great job Carol!!!  Of course....I just LOVE her charts anyway!!!!

Happy Stitching!!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A few finishes

Here are couple of Shepherd's Bush window pane pillows I finished  for a friend.  I left off the cording around the edge of the pillow. 

I thought they turned out nice if I do say so myself.

Now here are some of the ornaments that I've stitched up recently but now are totally finished with their backing fabrics.

LHN ornament from a previous JCS ornament issue.  This is for my mom this year.  I can post it here as my parents don't have a computer.  I just love the cording I made for it.  And I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the backing fabric. 

PS ornament for my dad.  I am soooo pleased with how I managed to cut out the shape of the board for the ornament to be mounted onto it.   I had seen it stitched at a friend's house so it inspired me to cross stitch this one for my dad this year.  I always seem to stitch him a deer ornament for Christmas.

Some more Prairie Schooler finishes.  These 2 are from Old World Santa's II book.

Here is a ornament from BBD For My Friend book.  I just FELL in love with this little stocking ornament.  I found THE PERFECT backing fabric for it!!!!  Too cute if I say so myself.

I have some more ornaments that are finished but I will save those for next time.  I hope to take a picture of my new SAL with friends.  I will go ahead and tell you what it is.  It is from My Big Toe and it is The Apostle's Creed.  Hopefully we'll have some sun tomorrow for me to take a picture of it as well as my The Scarlet Letter Mary Baker project. 

Until next time.....HAPPY STITCHING!