Saturday, August 26, 2017

August Smalls SAL......

It's that time again for our Smalls post.  Our SAL is run by Heather of Stitching Lotus and you can click on her link to see what all the participants have been stitching this past month!

I only got a few stitched which makes for only a few to be able to post about.  I did sign up for the With Thy Needle & Thread Summer Schoolhouse project and I managed to get it almost completed before part 2 arrived.  It arrived the day before I put in the last of my stitches.  Oh well.  I will call it close enough.  This is A LOT of over 1 stitching on 25ct Mushroom Lugana.  This project is stitched in the called for threads and fabric.  I am not ususally a huge fan of stitching big pieces over one matter what count it is.  However, this was just a cute fun filled project that I just had to sign up for it.

This is my part 1 stitched only portion.  I am going to back it with regular fabric rather than the mushroom lugana like she recommended.

I am sorry for the lines on the sides as I have been extremely busy after getting my DD settled back into TN for her to do her student teaching and then DS starting school here.  So I have been playing catch up on chores, errands and other appointments and retirements that have taken my time as of lately.  So a few wrinkles can wait until I am actually doing the finishing on it.

I have been going back and trying to get other finished projects sewn up and actually finished!  This is PS 2015 Santa that I finished stitching earlier this year.  Now he is all complete and ready to hang on my Christmas tree this year!

Last project I have finished is NOT a stitched project.  I made a new cup organizer for DD to use at the school where she is doing her student teaching.  I would like to say that the high school she is teaching Chemistry at is my high school!!!  Yes.....I am A VERY PROUD MAMA!!!!   The patter for this mug organizer is Simplicity 2450.

That is all I have to share for this month.  I am still trying to finish up this month's PS Santa and so perhaps next week I can get it finished into the ornament along with the other 3 sitting on my cutting table.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LHN Autumnal SAL

I am soooo excited about the upcoming LHN Autumnal SAL on Facebook.  It starts on Sept 1 and ends Nov 1.  But you have to be a member of Facebook and then be a part of the LHN to join in.  It's super easy to do.

I have picked out my project, got it ordered and now......the waiting begins!  Here is what I am going to be stitching for the SAL.  I will make it into a stand up cube when the stitching is finished!

The chart came with the floss included and I ordered 36ct Vintage Exampler for the fabric.  I wanted to be able to stitch it using only 1 thread and make the cube small enough as well.

If I get that finished before the Nov 1 deadline, I hope to get the LHN Kindness also stitched up into a pincushion or small ornament.  Not too sure how I want to finish it.

That's all I have for now.  Happy Stitching everyone!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

August TUSAL.....

Here we are again for our monthly TUSAL report!  And today is the Solar Eclipse!!!  What a great day to be posting!!!  Sharon of It's Daffycat is our lovely host of the TUSAL.  Be sure to click on her blog link to see what she's been up to and to see the other participants of the TUSAL.

I did not have as many ORTs this time.  I have been traveling quite a bit which has cut into my stitching time as well.  Then having some bad Multiple Schlerosis days of fatigue cuts into my stitching time.  Oh well.

Here is what I have to show for this month's ORTs.

Also, today is my mom's birthday so I want to give a shout out to my wonderful mom!!!!  Yes this was taken back in June but we don't get into Knoxville very often so I always try to get a pic when I go in.  See how tall my kids are too!!!!  They have definitely gotten taller than their Mamaw and their mom.  In order from left, Daniel, Carolyn (my mom), me, and Grace.

That's all I have for today!  Happy Stitching everyone and Happy Solar Eclipse!!!