Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Smalls Post....

Heather of Stitching Lotus is our wonderful host for the Smalls SAL,  I just love doing this SAL as I know I will have at least 1 ornament stitched to share.

This past month I was trying to decide what to stitch.  I thought I would work on SB O Little Town 2015 ornament.  I completed the stitching for this one but sadly not the finishing.  I hope to have that done to show you NEXT month.

Next, I wanted to stitch another sled ornament, but I did not READ very well the chart that I wanted to stitch did not FIT onto a sled.  So what did I do, but I just restitched another church sled as the threads were still kitted with the chart.  (How convenient!)  LOL  These stitch up SO QUICKLY that if you haven't tried them yet, I highly encourage you to do so!!!  (The only downside to it is that you must use 3 strands of floss to get the nice coverage but look at what a quick and easy finish they have!)

Lastly, I get to share my new Just Nan Pearl Angel.  (This would have been finished yesterday had someone not backed into my van bumper and dented it.  So I was on the phone with the insurance all afternoon and by evening, I only felt like surfing the web and see what new charts were coming out.)  So I finished stitching her today and framed her up.  This was the frame I had posted recently asking help in finding.  I was able to find 2 so the other will be for JN Lavender Angel.

That is all I have to share today.  I had hoped to have more smalls this month but we took a family vacation to Washington DC again to visit all the places we didn't have time for last year.

Happy Stitching!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Border Happy Dance.....

WOOHOO!!!  Come celebrate with me as I have finished stitching the inside border on the MBT 10 Commandments project.  It was a repeat pattern of the same motif for the inside border, and I think I might have mentioned that I was trying to work on this project a little each day just to complete it.  The outside was great as it was just a straight line and definitely no brainer stitching with the exception that I did have to count and make those hash marks you still see to make sure I had the exact amount of stitches.

Just a little recap of where I was at on June 7.

Here is where I finished off last night before going to bed on June 27, but I was too tired and did not feel like taking a picture to post.  Plus the lighting was better this morning.

Now I get to work on the words inside and special flower motifs.  I will try to keep you posted with more pictures as I progress on this project!!!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DH's Father's Day present.....

Silly me. I wrapped DH's Father's Day present after picking it up from the framers when I picked up my Mother's Day framed picture and FORGOT to take a picture of it.  So what does DH do but take it to work this morning and promptly hangs it on his wall in his office.  Yes.....I did make him bring it back home tonight so I could take a picture of it to share on my blog.

This is Lizzie Kate's Accept What Is Inspirational Boxer framed.

I loved this saying as soon as I had seen it.  I shared the picture with DH and he fell in love with it too so I thought it was a perfect gift to give him as a Father's Day present!

Now I need to find a frame for another LK Inspirational boxer that I stitched for my dad for Father's Day, but I've already explained to him that his will be a little late.  He said that was fine, and he understood.

Now I'm off to stitch the rest of the evening away.  I hope you are having a wonderful day today and have found something fun and wonderful to cross stitch as well.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Late Mother's Day gift to me.....pic heavy

Here is what I wanted to have for my Mother's Day gift from DH.  Of course, I took it to the frame shop to pick out the frame as I already had the mat for this SB Heart Blooms stitched project.  DH was wonderful and still gave me a cute Patriotic Snoopy figurine for Mother's Day and card even though I had told him I wanted to have one of my stitching pieces framed as a Mother's Day present.

Here is a close up picture of the top left of the Jill Rensel hand painted mat.

Lower right of painted mat.

Up close picture of the stitched area.

I am THRILLED to have this wonderful project finally framed.  It has been stitched for years now and was packed away in all my stash when we moved to Germany.  Then I remembered it was there earlier this year and thought what a great piece to have framed as a Mother's Day present.

Until tomorrow when I can share with you DH's Father's Day present I had framed for him!!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Patriotic floss contest....

Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is has been dyeing more beautiful floss in reds, blues, white and gold and perfect for some Star Spangled Stitching as she says!  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!  I have soooo many charts that I could use these floss for.  So check out this new contest and enter to try and win by clicking on her blog link on my sidebar or her blog name above.

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2 WIP photos.....

I thought I'd share what I've been up to over the Memorial Day holiday and here this week.  I pulled out CCN Bless Our Home to work on over Memorial Day weekend but did not like the colors I had stitched in for it.  So I ripped out the little bit I had stitched in, pulled some brighter colors for this project and worked diligently over Memorial Day weekend.

As you know I love My Big Toe projects as well.  I was inspired to stitch up 10 Commandments and I'm sad to say that I've not been showing more progress reports on it.  My apologies.  A lot of times while I'm doing laundry, I will work on the inside border which can become boring if you are stitching on it solely.  So I've been trying to work a little motif here and there to get it done.  As you can see in this picture I took this morning, I'M ALMOST done with the inside motif border.  I'd resigned myself to making sure I stitch at least 2 of those motifs each day and I should be done in about 10 or 12 days with just the inside border motifs.

I'm getting there on this project.  I will try to be better at keeping you updated with the photos. to pay the bills and balance the checkbook, but they do need to be done.  That way I can stitch without guilt in knowing that they need to be done!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June TUSAL post.....

Sharon of It's Daffycat is our host for TUSAL....totally useless stitch a long.  Click her blog link and it will take you to her blog to see what this is all about.

Here is what I have to show since my last TUSAL post.  I've got quite a few ORTs in my little Ort tin.

Now I'm back to my stitching in between loads of laundry.

Happy Stitching everyone!