Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy chore day......

Yes....it was time to go to the commissary ....on base with lots of other people because it was payday.  I knew I should have went somewhere else because I could have gotten it done quicker and been back home sooner. 

But on the bright side.....my DH was at the bank as the groceries were being loaded into my car and he was coming on home to have lunch with me.  PERFECT TIMING!!!  HE COULD HELP UNLOAD THE GROCERIES.....which he did w/o complaint or anything.  So I was able to have lunch with him!! YEAH  That was the best part of my morning.

Now....on to the fun stuff.  I have done a little bit of xstitching today but it is was on a project that I can't show here because it is for my hubby as a surprise which means I also have to xstitch on it while he is at work.....and not coming home unexpectedly for lunch! 

Tomorrow I will try to upload some other of my WIPs.  One is for my daughter and it is My Big Toe GRACE project.  It's going by very quickly.  I also have another project going which is from The Scarlet Letter and it's called Jane Rees.  Poor thing....I've not stitched on her in over a week and she's feeling neglected so I will try to work on her tonight to show some progress pics tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on here in sunny 78degree AZ.

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  1. My Jane has been neglected too - I'll put it down to gallivanting on the continent! Please send me some of your warm sunshine!