Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Hand Dyed Fiber threads.....

Ooooohhhh Look at my new threads I got in the mail today!!!   These are for 2 new projects that will be for a birthday gift and a xmas ornament gift.  They look soooo wonderful that it is making want to start those 2 new small projects now......but I won't at least for today.

The greens and burgandy's are for a JN project while the brighter colors are for a BRD project. 

It has been very windy here today so I've got all the windows open to let the house air out.  I have to do this while I can before it gets sooooo hot here in AZ later on.  It's been the PERFECT DAY to stay home to xstitch all day.....which thankfully I have been able to do.


  1. I got a Vikki package today too - suppose I should have taken a picture but I've already put them into their boxes! Don't we just love those little envelopes?

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous load of silks you have there, I'm envious as I haven't had an order from Vikki for a while, and those colours look so cheerful.