Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stitching stash and new goodies.....

On one of my message boards, we did a patriotic exchange where we were to stitch a patriotic piece and make it into a pincushion or pinkeep.  My partner made me a pincushion and included a few goodies along with it.

Here is the one I stitched for my partner.  The tin not included but just for photograph purposes. is what I came back home to from being away.....more HDF stash!!!  The threads are for The Primitive Needle's A&E chart.  The fabric is HDF 36ct Kodiak Bear 5121.  I wanted to try Vikki's linen and see how nice it is as everyone keeps saying it is.  I can't let yall try something without me trying it too!!!   ;-)   I also order the threads to stitch the Fancy Work Whitman collector tin with the blue lid.  I will show pictures when they are done. 

And lastly, I received this wonderful glass scissor frog from dear sweet Sylvia whom I had searching for me to buy one.  She was already checking all the antique shops on her trip so she was able to find this one for me and was sweet enough to gift it to me!!!  THANK YOU SYLVIA!  Now my scissors without sheaths aren't naked anymore.  I've got a LONNNNNGGGG WAYYYY to catch up to my friend Carol who I know has 3 of these filled!  But here is the picture of my new one!

I'll take another picture once I've filled it.  I should be receiving a new pair of scissors in the mail today....hopefully.  I'll share a picture of them when I do. 

Now......I have some new framing coming to me from Jill Rensel but I just can't share that yet as one piece is for my husbands Father's Day......just in case he is reading my blog I don't want him to find out just yet.  He will get it on Sunday. 

I'm off to stitch some now on a special project that I can't reveal just yet either.'s for him too but I hope to show you some other stitching I'm doing that is almost completed and other WIPs and maybe a few finishes too.  Until then........



  1. Hi, Brenda, it's Peg (whatsup). I'll bet you didn't know I read your blog! I love your stitchy stash, and your pinpillows are just too cute. I was too chicken to put the extra fabric on mine, not until I get a sewing machine. :) I love your flower frog. I have one but it doesn't have the holder beneath it so my scissors don't fit down into it. I'm looking for a glass to put it in, and I'm also looking for other flower frogs.

  2. The pinpillow you received is great. I am honored to be the lucky one that received the one you made. Oooh, I love the floss colors your received. Enjoy your flower frog. Looking forward to seeing your framing from Jill. Her work is fabulous.