Monday, June 27, 2011

New projects for husband's office....

I can't believe I even forgot to post that I got these 2 charts and 35ct fabric last Sat in the mail.  They are new charts to stitch up for my husband's office. 

They look very quick to stitch although on the MBT one he doesn't want it stitched in pink but red.

New Scissors......again!!!!

OOOOOOoooooo  I got new scissors in the mail today.  My friend Carol of iStitch told me about them and enabled me.  You can see Carol's link to her blog on the sidebar of my blog.   The scissors were listed on eBay but I don't buy from eBay so I contacted the seller to see if he would just send a Paypal invoice and let me buy them that way.  He did and here are my new beautiful scissors all the way from England!

They are called Fleur De Lys Dore Embroidery Scissors.

Here is another pair I bought the last time I went to the Attic on Sampler Sunday Stitching.  I had been wanting these Woven Scissors and so I finally just bought them.

Here's a review of the other 2 I had bought from Anita's Little Stitches recently......rabbit scissors and cat scissors.

I must not forget the "Limited Edition Red Scissors" from Anita's Little Stitches website too.  I'm such a sucker for things that are marked "limited edition". 

One must have pretty scissors to use and to collect in their stash!


Recent Travels.....

We went away for a family get away to Ft. Tuthill.  On this trip we drove on up to the Grand Canyon.  I wanted to see it but wasn't overly excited about going.  However......I have to say I changed my mind about seeing it as it was more beautiful than I ever expected and I'm glad we went on our trip to see it.

Here we are as a family with the Grand Canyon behind us and then just one of Ted and me.

It was nice for Ted to get away from work for a while and for us all to spend time as a family.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New SAL start......

WOOHOOO.......I got in the mail my new NeedleWork Press Anne Wheatley 1829 SAL project that I got from the Attic in  Mesa, AZ.  I wanted to get it Thursday night when I was planning on going to the Thursday stitching meeting but I wasn't feeling well thanks to my M.S.  It's been the heat here that has been bothering me.  So I just called the Attic to have them to send it which they did and it arrived Friday.

So OF COURSE.......I just had to start it last night!!!  I really do love this project and it is my first NeedleWork Press chart that I've bought.  Here is the link to the Attic's website for you to read up more about it.   Be sure to click on "Latest Newsletter" and then scroll down to read about this Adam & Eve sampler.

I've been stitching as much as I can lately.  I did finish a couple of birthday presents but I can't show pictures yet because I've not given them to the recipients.  When I do, I will share pictures. 

And with it being hot here, we've been taking advantage of using the pool in the afternoon/evening times.  I'll try to take some pics of that soon.

I'm off to stitch on my new sampler.  Orrrrrrrrrrr......I might stitch on my CCN Red, White and Bloom for the Facebook SAL there!   Hmmmmm..........a new start sounds like fun especially since I have the project all kitted up and I'm needing a "no brainer" type stitching project at the moment!  I'll post a picture of the WIP when I do. 

Until next time........HAPPY STITCHING!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day present to hubby...

Ok....I guess I can show you now that it is so close to Father's Day what I gave Ted.  I had already cross stitched this piece when we lived in Germany and it was one of the ones that I had mailed off to Jill Rensel for framing.  So I asked her if she could have it done in time for me to give to Ted for Father's Day. These are the pictures Jill took in her studio and put on her blog as well.  Here is Lizzie Kate Time for God and it will hang in Ted's office.  I just know he is going to love it.

Jill does such an amazing job on her framing and all the creativity she puts into it!

Here is another I had framed from her but it is not for Ted's Father's Day present.  It is mine and I'll consider it still a part of my Mother's Day present from this year even though the framing on my Resurrection piece was considered my "main" Mother's Day present.  I told my family I just wanted my xstitched pieces framed.  This is Blackbird Designs Summer Basket Loose Feathers.

All I have to say it that pictures do not do these pieces justice of how beautiful they are.   I sooo wished you could see them up close. 

I have one more piece at Jill's framing studio still left from the batch I sent to her originally but I'm about to mail her one more piece that I have to have done ASAP.  I can't tell you any more right now because it is a surprise for someone very special but hopefully I can show you and tell you what I am talking about next month. 

Pretty Scissors.....

Here is a picture of the new red limited edition scissors I bought from Anita's Little Stitches. Here is the link to her site if you haven't seen it before.   She has a link to just all scissors.

I have looked at them and looked at them for a while now and thought.....why not?  You don't have bright red scissors like that and they do look very Christmas"y" not to mention very elegant looking.  I tried them out and they do cut very nice so that is a definite plus.

Now ..... to try them out some more when I xstitch today.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stitching stash and new goodies.....

On one of my message boards, we did a patriotic exchange where we were to stitch a patriotic piece and make it into a pincushion or pinkeep.  My partner made me a pincushion and included a few goodies along with it.

Here is the one I stitched for my partner.  The tin not included but just for photograph purposes. is what I came back home to from being away.....more HDF stash!!!  The threads are for The Primitive Needle's A&E chart.  The fabric is HDF 36ct Kodiak Bear 5121.  I wanted to try Vikki's linen and see how nice it is as everyone keeps saying it is.  I can't let yall try something without me trying it too!!!   ;-)   I also order the threads to stitch the Fancy Work Whitman collector tin with the blue lid.  I will show pictures when they are done. 

And lastly, I received this wonderful glass scissor frog from dear sweet Sylvia whom I had searching for me to buy one.  She was already checking all the antique shops on her trip so she was able to find this one for me and was sweet enough to gift it to me!!!  THANK YOU SYLVIA!  Now my scissors without sheaths aren't naked anymore.  I've got a LONNNNNGGGG WAYYYY to catch up to my friend Carol who I know has 3 of these filled!  But here is the picture of my new one!

I'll take another picture once I've filled it.  I should be receiving a new pair of scissors in the mail today....hopefully.  I'll share a picture of them when I do. 

Now......I have some new framing coming to me from Jill Rensel but I just can't share that yet as one piece is for my husbands Father's Day......just in case he is reading my blog I don't want him to find out just yet.  He will get it on Sunday. 

I'm off to stitch some now on a special project that I can't reveal just yet either.'s for him too but I hope to show you some other stitching I'm doing that is almost completed and other WIPs and maybe a few finishes too.  Until then........


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewing fabrics and xstitching update....

Today my DD and I went shopping at JoAnn Fabrics for "western type" fabric so I can make matching vests for us to wear to chapel on Father's Day next Sunday.  It is to be a "western" theme so we found this cool fabric with cowboys and horses on it and now I can't remember what else.  We were going to get the cowboy hat buttons but they didn't have enough so we got a different looking kind of button.  I will post pics when it gets finished this week.

I did go away to my stitching retreat up in Prescott!  I had a FABULOUS TIME seeing my friend who had invited me and meeting all the other ladies.  We laughed, ate wonderful food, stayed up late xstitching for me and beading and knitting for the other ladies.  There was 4 of us who did make a road trip to the Attic for a day of shopping.  I had a chart on hold there of Gigi's R designs called A&E.  I can't WAIT to start on it.  I will post some pics from my stitching retreat and all the wonderful works that these talented ladies were beading, knitting and stitching!

Then my mom came out to visit for a week.  We took her to see the AZ Diamondbacks baseball game and showing her the AZ landscape.  We also went shopping too!  It was a great time having her here. 

Now....we're back on a regular schedule of the normal day to day things.   I've got some projects in mind to stitch.  I just finished something for a "patriotic exchange" that I can't show you for now but will soon.  Plus.....I've just kitted up Gigi's A&E chart that I hope to start stitching sometime this week.  I also started knitting a scarf for my mom's xmas present this year.  I had her pick out the color while she was here as sometimes she and I don't have the same taste in color.  I will show that one to you when I get more done on it too. 

Another chart I've just ordered the Hand Dyed Fiber threads for is The Primitive Needle A&E.  I can't WAIT to start on it either.   I finished a Blackbird Designs mini stocking that I hope to sew up this week and maybe do some other finishing work on my stash too. 

I think that is all for now.  I will try to do better about posting more.  I hope everyone is having a great day!