Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday present for a dear close friend....

Today is my dear friend Pat's birthday!!!  She is not a fan of sewing and says her sewing machine just hates her.  I really don't think it does but I can sympathize because my paint brush HATES me!  So for her b-day I xstitched her iStitch Sew Pretty in Pink because Pat and I are such PINK FANATICS and we love the same things. You can find the chart HERE at this link -- just click on the left side where is says CHARTS. So I thought I would xstitch this wonderful little iStitch chart, in HDF Murmurs of Sea Pinks, and then I sewed a new xstitching bag to sew it on the front.  I even personalized it by stitching "Pat's Stitching Bag" over one thread at the bottom of the chart.  Of course.....I couldn't just send just the new xstitch bag with the stitching on the front so I filled it with a mini spool of HDF, a pink crocheted dishcloth, mints in a pink tin, pink nail polish, some pretty pink floral tissues and a tube of Udder Cream.  She said the tissues and lotion were going into her new stitching bag.  I loved her bag sooo much that I cut another one out for me to have as well.  Oh I need to stitch up the same design and put "Brenda's Stitching Bag" on mine like I did for Pat.  Then I had wrapped it all up individually in pink Mary Englebrit wrapping paper so Pat would have just the most wonderful of PINK BIRTHDAYS!!!  Here are the pics to see what I'm talking about.

I hope she enjoys her bag.....which I'm pretty sure she will! 



  1. I love that- What a great friend!!!!!
    I am sure she is thrilled!!!

  2. I love the bag!! I know your friend will love her birthday gift!

  3. Great bag! I'm sure she loved it and everything in it.