Saturday, February 2, 2013

JBW French Country pillow finishes.....

Last Thursday night, there was some discussion about the pillows I've made recently for my friend Beth back in VA.  She was my neighbor when we lived there and was always so appreciative of my stitching and sewing projects. I had originally posted the finishes on Facebook but I realize that not everyone has a Facebook account.  Actually I only post a few pictures to FB and post minimally myself.  That is time can be spent stitching ....... or blogging!

I had made her JBW French Country Rooster first as a going away present to Beth before I left for Germany.  Then when I moved back to the US, I made her the JBW French Country Hen as a birthday present when I traveled to stay with her before attending Dyeing To Stitch Retreat in 2011.  Here are the pictures of the pillows up close and with Beth holding them.

Then last year, JBW Designs came out with "A Sweet Bouquet" chart.  I HAD to stitch that one for myself and use the pink toile fabric that I had.  I had bought the pink toile with no particular purpose but anyone who knows me and how much I love the color pink can realize why I bought the fabric.  And if you are a sewer/ understand also without me trying to rationalize WHY I bought the fabric.  The only thing was that I forgot to put the ribbon and bow on mine.  Not to worry.....I still love mine anyway!

Thank you for stopping by to admire my pillow finishes.  I really do have a lot of fun making these!  And that toile fabric......I just LOVE toile fabric!!!!


  1. How very darling all three pillows are! :)

  2. I adore toile and the designs you have stitched go perfectly with the fabrics.

  3. all gorgeous! love your finishing and fabric. I just bought La Poule today and excited to stitch. cheers.