Sunday, April 28, 2013

My DD at prom!!!!

Ohhhhh to make a mama proud!!!  I was sooo honored that my DD wanted me to make her prom dress.  I mean I make her Sunday church dresses and her birthday dresses but for her to want me to make her dress for such a special occasion, I was deeply touched!  She and I had already been pattern shopping and she finally had decided on her pattern.  It was a Very Easy Vogue pattern.  I have made clothes from Vogue patterns but not in a long time so I was thankful when it said it was "Very Easy Vogue".  We ordered the pattern and when it came, I was anxious to see the details for the dress.

In a moment of panic after reading the fabric suggestions, I quickly went to Grace and asked her how much did she REALLY want this particular pattern.  She said that was her dream dress for prom because they were having a "Greek Theme" for prom and this was what she envisioned.  She questioned me why.  I told her the dress was to be made out of KNIT FABRIC!!!   I mean...I asked her 4X if this was THE dress she had to have. here was why I was questioning her to make a long story short.  I had not sewn on knit fabric in over 23 of my 26years of sewing.  I was extremely nervous about taking on this project as I just didn't want the dress to turn out looking homemade, tacky, or perhaps.....fall apart for some strange reason that I didn't sew it correctly.  Her comment to me was, "Mom.....I trust you.  I love the dresses you make for me and none have ever fallen apart."  Oh my....what faith my wonderful daughter had in me.  Needless to say, we went fabric shopping and she found this navy glittery knit formal fabric.

I got started on it and my poor sewing room had glitter everywhere.  I PRAYED while cutting it out.  I PRAYED while I sewed the dress.  I PRAYED for every fitting I had her do.  I PRAYED for even the last fitting and hemming it all.  So you see, don't tell me that prayer doesn't work because IT DOES!!!  I tell people that God made this dress.....not me.  He just guided my hands for the entire dress.  I was sooooo thankful when it was done and over with.  It wasn't a hard dress to sew.  Don't get me wrong.  I just DON'T LIKE TO SEW KNIT FABRIC OUTFITS.  However, I did make a comment to my best friend that I might .....MIGHT.....consider making it again for myself to wear to one of the formals that my husband sometimes goes to and I get to go as well.

So without waiting any she is.  My baby girl.....all grown up to be a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!

And I just HAD to get a "fun self portrait" of the 2 of us!  Of all days for me to NOT put makeup myself.....that will teach me!

Her dad said he didn't remember seeing the pattern but his comment when she came down the stairs was, "WOW!  WOW!"   Then Grace turned around and I saw his eyebrows raise a lot and another "WOWWW!" was said!  His little girl......all grown up!!!

You made me soooo proud Grace!!!!  I was the one who felt sooo honored that you wanted me to make your prom dress!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to ready my blog!  I promise to get some xstitching pictures uploaded!!!


  1. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful job! I agree with everything you are saying - many yrs ago my DD asked me to make her prom dress also. I was so proud! Enjoy your beautiful daughter! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! is right. That dress is gorgeous and so is your daughter of course. You did such a great job! I'll keep you mind when my daughter needs a prom dress. LOL! Several and I mean several years down the road. She's only 9. great job and that is definitely worth showing.


  3. A beautiful dress for a beautiful young lady made by her beautiful mom!