Friday, June 27, 2014

iStitch Exchange Received.....

YEAHHHH!!!!  I received my iStitch Exchange yesterday in the mail.  I wanted to take pictures of it and post it but I was heading out the door when I got back from the mailbox.  My recipient also received hers on Wednesday as well.  I had asked Carol of iStitch if my partner could send mine early as we were possibly anticipating an upcoming move and I DEFINITELY DID NOT want it to get lost in the mail.  And it didn't.  It arrived safe and sound!!!

Here is what I received from Renee from the Netherlands!!!!  She stitched iStitch Design freebie in the most beautiful pink color and made it into a needlebook.  If you were in AZ, I'm sure you heard my squeal of delight!!!  (Most of my friends know to stay a little ways away from me when something xstitch related excites me as I tend to squeal in delight!)  Renee also sent this lovely skein of Flower Thread that is made in London, England along with a beautifully handwritten card!!!  (Now to find a sweet project to stitch with this flower thread!!!)

 Here is the complete outside of the needlebook. Renee beaded the spine of the needlebook!!!  Click on the picture to see it better.  Then she stitched random sewing motifs for the back.

Here is the inside of the needlebook!  What creativity she had finishing this needlebook.  It's also a great reference to me when I get around to making one for a gift in the future.  She included PINK SCISSORS (YEAHHHHH!!!!), needlethreader and seam ripper on the right side of the needlebook.  On the left side, Renee included various needles.  The little page lifts to hold more but I couldn't get it photographed to show the 2nd page. 

I am just simply in awe of the creativity for the finishing of this book.  I was able to take it and show it off to my stitching friends last night at the Attic's Open Stitch night. 

Thank you Renee for my wonderful and beautiful needlebook for Carol's iStitch Exchange!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!   (Yes.....another squeal!) hehe


Here is what I sent to my recipient, Jean Moran Leone.   I xstitched Sew Scattered and made it into a medium project bag.  This was a "learning finish" for me.  I had the design xstitched right away and then I had to decide HOW I wanted to finish it.  I actually got the idea from Pinterest but modified to make it work for my design.  I thought it turned out really nice but the main thing was that Jean loved her project bag as well. 

Now.....I have to make me an iStitch project bag. 

That is all I have to share for today.  (I'm sorry I some of you got this post 2X!  I accidentally hit the publish button before finishing typing!)  oops



  1. Oh wow - what great stitching and finishing from BOTH of you. So pretty!!!

  2. What a super mail day you had, Brenda! Both exchange pieces are fabulous and I love your project bag idea.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Wow! That needlebook is a work of art! I have not tried anything that extensive either! And you made a project bag--very nice! You are moving??

  4. I am glad you like it, Brenda. I wondered what the squeal was I heard!