Friday, July 18, 2014

A Birthday present early!!!

OH YEAHHH!!!  I got to talk with one of my best friends this past Wednesday!  Since she and I live on different time zones, calling is not always possible for us but we both email everyday!!!  She knew we about to move so she mailed my birthday present early due to some busy schedules in her own life.  Since we first thought we were leaving the first part to middle of July to go to Florida but was then changed by the Air Force earlier in May for us to go to OH.  Yeahhhhhhh I get to have 4 seasons again!!!  I am soooo looking forward to that even though I am cold natured, I feel better in cooler weather due to my Multiple Schlerosis.   I have come to appreciate the cooler/colder weather as I feel better and less fatigued with it but my M.S. mainly affects my vision when it bothers me.  And that is NOT GOOD for a cross stitcher.  I just stitch on bigger fabric and not the 36ct, 40ct, or 45ct when my M.S. is affecting my vision. 

I told Kimberly that I would LOVE to have one of her sampler charts as my birthday present.  Her company is Samplers Not Forgotten, and I loved her Springtime In My Garden sampler.  So I asked her if I could open up my birthday presents while I had her on  the phone as I did not know what I would be doing on my birthday.  I probably will be lost in the mountain of boxes unpacking for our new house in OH.  She said yes and here is what she sent me!!!!  I always love her presents and wished I had taken a picture of how beautifully she had wrapped them.  They look too pretty to unwrap but I did anyway! :)   But I always love ALL my birthday presents from my family and friends.

I LOVE ALL MY PRESENTS that she sent!!!!  I can't WAIT to start my new chart after I get moved so I know what is going to motivate me to get all those boxes UNPACKED and the house all set up.  What a motivation to get something done??!!!  Does anyone else do that?  Bargain with yourself to motivate yourself to get something done?  I do....all the time.  If I want to do something fun, then I will make sure to get all my chores done before I sit down to stitch and that way I don't feel any guilt whatsoever in sitting there xstitching!!!  hehe  But there is a small little cake fob that will go on my new pink polka dot scissors!!!  And don't you just love that pincushion she made me????  I love how she finished the edging.  One of these days, I'm going to have to use her method of trimming around the edge!!!  The little "B" notebook has already been put to good use of being me "To Do List" and "Don't Forget This" list. 

That's all for now.  I must go and start packing up my sewing room some more in preparation for our move.  I like to pack certain things in my sewing room before the packers get here next week.  I am not sure how much blogging I will be doing but please check back often just to see if I've updated on something......or I might really be just stuck in a box unpacking during the month of August. haha

Happy Stitching!


  1. What lovely gifts! I know it has you smiling!! I do the same thing of bargaining to motivate myself. In fact, did it last night... I received my fabric to do Christmas Garden, pulled out the chart and threads to make sure they will show (that was the problem for the called for fabric--some threads did not show and it was 32 count--too big for me now!)... and then told myself I cannot start it until I finish one of my other Christmas WIPs! Arggh!! What day is your birthday? Hugs!

  2. What a super package you received, Brenda! Enjoy your goodies! And have a wonderful weekend!

    Robin in Virginia