Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Friday and more Patriotic stitching

Here what I sent to Gloria for the patriotic exchange on FB for the Star Spangled Stitchers group. I have not received notice that she's gotten it although my P.O. receipt says it was delivered. I did send her a IM on FB asking though.

This is LK USA Squared stitched on 28ct blue jobelan and I used Hand Dyed Fibers premium silks to stitch it with. Yes that is my limited edition Hershey Kisses patriotic tin. I was able to get both that one and the red one.

I hope she likes what I made her!!! I loved it so much I have enough fabric to do another especially since the threads are already pulled and the fabric is still laying on my cutting table in the sewing room!

The Hand Dyed Fibers are as follows in premium silk: 

TK/Gandy Dark, Yonder Blue, Motes of the Night, Rue the Night, Examplar Gilded Cage, Examplar Spinach Delight, Imperial Green and DMC White

I know I have already posted a picture of my LHN Old Glory but I had not listed the threads that I used other than that I used HDF silks.

The fibers were in premium HDF silks:

Motes of the Night, TK/Gandy Dark, BeSeeded, Examplar Gilded Cage, Luteousness and DMC 5200.

Yes.....these were very similar to what I used on the LK USA Squared above, but I had stitched this one before doing the LK project.  I just had to make a few minor adjustments in color and additions.

Thank you as always for reading my blog and seeing what I'm stitching. 

Now.....I'm off to stitch some today!  HAPPY STITCHING everyone!


  1. Brenda, what a delightful little creation you've made for the Patriotic exchange!! So pretty! I hope Gloria appreciates your work :)
    Old Glory is just as cute too, well done!

  2. Love the little LK patriotic piece you stitched for that exchange. Seeing yours stitched makes me want to drag out that chart and stitch it up! What a fun blue Kiss tin! Enjoy your stitching today and have a wonderful weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Man--where did you get those tins?? They are pretty cool!

    1. hit send accidentally... Your two patriotic pieces are great--nicely done!

  4. very nice exchange gifts send and rec'd. You are cranking out the finishes Ms Brenda - all lovely. Hope you have a great weekend - Mel

  5. Love the tins and the finishes. Nice job!