Thursday, February 25, 2016

February Smalls Post

Today is our February Smalls post!!!  Heather of Stitching Lotus is our gracious host of this wonderful SAL!  So be sure to go onto her blog to see all the wonderful Smalls that have been stitched and posted this month.  You can click on the link above or her blog link highlighted.

I got a LOT accomplished since January's post!  I didn't think I did so I had to go back to my Finished Project list and write down all that I have stitched to share with you today.

One Friday night, I had all evening to xstitch by myself because DH was with DS at a Youth Lock In at our church.  So I started a new project just for me that day and into the night!!  WOOHOO  I haven't had a night to stitch uninterrupted in a long time.

Here is JN Strawberry Heart and Tiny Beaded Heart Whimzi!  Yes!  That is right.  Not only was I able to complete one JN project from start to finish but also a small whimzi as well!!!

I started JN Queen's Heart on Valentine's Day!  The frames that JN picks out for her designs are just soooo beautiful!!!

Keeping on the Valentine's theme for February, I started WTN&T February WP!  I just realized this morning that I had forgotten to take the picture so I had to go quickly take the picture for today's post.

I stitched this JBW French Country Amor design for my DD's Valentine's Day box at college.  It was stitched in HDF Perfect Red 6213 and made into a pillow finish hanging ornament.

Then I was looking on Pinterst and found this atom design.  I purchased the chart to stitch up for her as well.  I did make an addition and change to the design and added another heart to the atom and shifted one into a new place.

This is iStitch Designs EASTER freebie.  You can click on her blog link that is highlighted to go to her blog and download her free design.  I was getting ready for Easter decorations ahead of time.  The little basket is one that my dear friend Pat painted for me long ago, but I thought this little Easter design looked beautiful displayed next to it to photograph!

Then one day, I got motivated to get some finishing done on some projects that have been stitched for a while but not totally finished.

This is iStitch Design Sew a Brown Bunny.  I have been looking for the right backing fabric for a while and found some to finish a lot of my new (and old projects) with the same fabric.

This is SB Little Eggs Pincushion.  Yes....I still used the same backing fabric but I made sure to get the eggs from the fabric to be seen.  I am not a fond of finishing things with the ribbon around it, but I will do it.  Now I'm wishing that I had twisted this ribbon around the pincushion besides just making it loopy looking.

That is all I have to share today.  I have a couple more stitched projects that I did complete this month but they are not finished yet and they are birthday presents.

Until my next post......HAPPY STITCHING!



  2. What a great stitching month you had.. Your finishes are wonderful. Thank you for sharing the link to the Freebie. I think your pillow looks great with the loops

  3. Wow, you have been busy! A whole evening to stitch is just bliss, I sometimes get a whole afternoon and it's wonderful.
    I love the frames for the Just Nans, I don't have any of them, I have to make do with what I can find.
    The Wordplay is great too, that's another series on my list!

  4. Beautiful finishes! I love how you finished them off too. They're all lovely but I think the two you stitched for your daughter are just perfect.

  5. Holey Moley. Congrats on all of the gorgeous finishes Brenda.


  6. All beautiful small finishes! I find it interesting... I also stitched the two iStitch pieces (the bunny one went to a friend many moons ago, and the Easter one is about to go on display here!), plus I finished the SB Little Eggs pincushion for a friend... It's deja vu time! Hugs!

  7. Wau, so many finishes and all are so beautiful, especially I love your hearts.

  8. Wow so many beautiful treasure x

  9. Hi Brenda, your finishes are so sweet! Happy stitching!

  10. February wording finish is beautiful.
    Sweet little finishes!

  11. My goodness, you were productive! Good for you! Everything looks amazing.

  12. You had a fabulous stitching month, Brenda. Way to go on all your smalls finishes! I like the Atom piece you stitched for your daughter. Go Brenda!

  13. All your finishes are cute and lovely.Keep going.