Thursday, April 7, 2016

April TUSAL.......

Our monthly TUSAL is hosted by Sharon of It's Daffycat.  You can click the link over her blog name or the picture above to be taken to her blog.

I've gotten quite a bit stitched and have a nice pile of ORTs for this month!!! get a few more little gifts stitched and finished and I will be ahead of the game this year.

I always take my ORTs out of my little ORT catcher that sits on my stitching lap board and I put them in my ORT tin to photograph for you to REALLY see how many I have!!!  You just can't tell that when they are in those small ORT catchers that I make.

Back to stitching on MBT 10 Commandments.  I am wondering if I will EVER be done with that inside border!!!   LOL

Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice pile of ORTs, Brenda! And yes, you will get that inner border finished!

  2. Hi Brenda, lovely ORTs again! Happy stitching!

  3. Yes, it will end and you will NOT be disappointed! ANY MBT design is a pleasure to stitch! Hugs!

  4. The nearness of completion is closer than you think! Endeavor to persevere!