Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Jill Rensel framed pieces!!!!

Well, I am WAY OVERDUE for posting about my new pieces I had Jill Rensel frame for me.  I always take some pieces whenever I go to the SB Retreats to drop off to Jill to be framed.  I LOVE how Jill does her framing and her staff is just as equally talented as well for helping her get my stitching goodies framed so beautifully!!!  These pictures are from the email that Jill sent to me.

SB Gratitude Sampler.  I wanted a lighter colored frame than what SB had framed theirs in.

SB Family.  I used a different frame than SB.

SB Friends.  This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FRAME molding.

SB Glad Hearts

This is JN Spring In the Air.  I had been wanting to stitch this for many years, and then I got the bright idea to have Jill paint some pansies on the mat or do something creative like that.  Jill said that Amber was the better painter for painting pansies!  Amber showed me some pansies she had painted on the computer while we were in the shop and suggested that we put some on the right and one on the left.  I told Amber I had seen her painting skills and had COMPLETE FAITH in whatever she would do for my piece.  She did an excellent job on the pansies!!!

As I told my husband before I left for the SB retreat, I was taking a "few" pieces to be framed by Jill and her staff.  But as I told him, this was to be my 2016 Christmas presents, 2017 Valentine's Day present, 2017 Mother's Day present and 2017 birthday presents.  I did not want any other gifts for those holidays.  But he still gave me something for Christmas.  LOL  And yes.....I scolded him too.

Didn't Jill, Amber and her staff do such a EXCELLENT JOB framing all 5 pieces!!!???!!!!  I LOVE THEM and get to enjoy them hanging on my wall!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts!!!

Happy Stitching everyone!!!


  1. Your framed pieces are stunning, Brenda! Your stitching and the talents of Jill, Amber and company equal simply stunning. Enjoy them!

  2. Beautiful, the stitching and framing!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Brenda.


  4. Oh wow! You are one lucky duck! Amazing work!!

  5. I am so envious of your framed pieces! I would absolutely love to have a Jill Rensel framed piece. She does the most amazing work and Amber is very talented too. They make a great team.
    If you ever get bored of the JN piece, send it on holiday to me LOL

  6. Absolutely perfect mats and frames for your gorgeous stitching. These are amazing!

  7. Love your framing choices! All pieces are beautiful, but my favorite is the pansies! Congrats!

  8. Oh Brenda, WOW! Each one is beautifully stitched and looks stunning framed! Lucky you to have met them.