Friday, January 27, 2012

New cross stitch kits stash.....

Woohoo.....all xstitchers love NEW stash!  That is what I got in the mail directly from Shepherd's Bush today.  I saw on there website recently their newest kits and I just could NOT live without 2 of them.  So I just called them up and ordered them.  But while I was ordering, I needed to add their Scaredy Sheep Fob to my stash as well.  Why not??  I was already paying postage so one more little kit wasn't going to matter anyway. 

Here is what I ordered from Shepherd's Bush. 

2012 Scissor Fob kit, Poor Robin's Pincushion, and Scaredy Sheep Fob kit

I hope to start the 2012 scissor fob tomorrow.  I will try to hurry and stitch it up so I can be using it all year long!

Here is my first ornament for the year that I stitched on Jan 1 at the Attic's New Year's Stitch In.  This chart is JBW French Country Hearts II oranment that I stitched in 1 1/2hrs.  Who couldn't do that to make an ornament?  I did this for my ornament exchange last yeat and also framed it in a minature frame from Michaels.  See posts below for more details on that one.  But I had this frame, also from Michael's, that I framed this one up in.  Yes...I know it covers part of the words at the top but it is for me and I don't mind. 

I have also finished LHN Baked Goods from Diane's 2011 ornament that was released last year but I never got around to it.  This one will be for my mom but I'll show you the final product when I do the finishing work for it.  Maybe this weekend will be a "finishing weekend". 

That is all I have for now. 

Happy Stitching


  1. Can I ask what count you used? Over 1 or 2? I love your idea!

    1. Ginger,

      This was stitched with 1 strand of Belle Soie silk over 2 threads on 36ct white linen. I hope this helps!