Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcoming Anniversary for me!

It won't be too long til I will have my 1yr anniversary.  I'm working on a couple of small give aways IF YOU ARE A READER of my blog.  You can pass my link on to others if they want to follow my xstitching news and maybe have a chance of winning a prize.  I will be working on some of them this weekend so until'll just have to wait and wonder.

I got some new Hand Dyed Fibers in the mail today.  A new combination of Winterberry 1423/25/29.  When I get a sample stitched up, I'll be happy to share.  I think this is a great color for when you don't really want to stitch with a red but not quite a pink either.  A "berry" color....hence the name Winterberry.

Ok....enough chatting....I need to get stitching that sample for you to see.

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