Wednesday, February 8, 2012

YEAH my fob finish!!!!

I am soooo excited to have actually made myself do the finishing work on my new SB 2012 scissor fob.....TODAY.  As you know from my previous post that I had received some of the new SB releases just recently.  One of which was their new shop exclusive scissor fob.  I don't get them every year but this years was soooo cute so I had to order it and while I was ordering, I thought I better make my shipping well worth it so I also got the SB Poor Robin's pincushion and an older scissor fob kit called Scaredy Sheep fob.  I only had one halloween fob so I thought I might need another one also.  This was such a quick stitch.  It took me 2 days but that was because "housework" and "errands" got in the way.

This is only the 2nd time I have put ribbon around a fob so I am not as experienced as I think I should be so I guess that means I need to make more!  The ribbon was very "fiddly" with my nails and then trying to get it to lay correctly ....... well the A type personality in me came out where I think it has to look absolutely perfect.  However, Tina does say in the instructions to just take it easy and let the ribbon lay as it will and it will be just fine.  So with that thought, I did the best at finishing my fob as I could.  Maybe I need to have shorter nails when doing the finishing work too. 

Here are the pictures of my new SB 2012 scissor fob.  The first picture is the front and the back is the 2nd picture shown here.

I will try to make sure to leave more room between my loops and not make them so puffy next time as I think I needed more loops toward the ending corner.  But this fob is for me so I'll try to not criticize myself any longer and think of this fob as a "learning experience". 

I have finished my 2nd ornament.  It is a PS design that will be for my dad but I will post that picture of when I actually get it MADE into the ornament instead of just the stitched picture.  I promise....I'm just going to have to have a "finishing day" and then I'll have more pictures to share. 

I did get some new scissors in the mail today so I can share that photo with you.  I love pink and so when I saw these Mundial Pink shears with a 5 1/2" embroidery scissors all packaged together, I could not resist.  Mundial scissors were the very first type of scissors I used when I worked at Piece Goods Shop long time ago.  I just hope these pink scissor cut just great.  I am partial to Gingher scissors when cutting out dresses and outfits.....but it never hurts to have an extra pair in your sewing room.

That's all I have to show and share today.  I hope to show my progress on my huge MBT The Lord's Prayer sampler here soon.

Happy Stitching!


  1. As seeing your lovely post, it reminded me of my Christmas ornament stitching for this month!

  2. wonderful finish! now i need to get that one, very colorful, i love it! and I totally understand how "fiddly" it gets, and just like Teri said, let them fall as they may. great job!

  3. Your fob looks great. Can't wait to see Poor Robin's pincushion. That is such a sweet little kit.