Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I'm SOOOO BLESSED!!!  I just LOVE Mother's Day!  Even though I can not spend the day with my mother, I always call her first thing on Mother's Day morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.  Being military, I don't always get to be home with my mom but I try to always make the best of the day for her as far away that I live by calling several times throughout the day.

I sent her a card with a check in it to buy her something special.  I know I have already shown you her present before in an earlier post, but this was the picture that I xstitched for her and mailed to her earlier this week.

She received it this week and opened the box early. mother can not wait til the holiday that I send packages for.  She wants to open it .... NOW!  haha   I think it's cute really!  She wants to see inside the box and even though I had wrapped it up, she unwrapped it immediately!!!!  And of course...she cried.   She said she put it on her nightstand beside her bed.

My Mother's Day started out wonderful as well!  My son brought me breakfast in Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffin!!!  Then he went to get me his gift he made on Saturday.  He made out of clay a pansy flower on a pedalstal.  I LOVED IT!!  He also made made me a card and wrote his own poem.  My daughter said she was going to bead me a green necklace but had to get some of her homework done today and would get it to me soon.  That's ok.  I totally understand.  However, she did make me lunch today when we came home from church service this morning!!!  To top it off, my husband came home early from teaching a Marriage Retreat in Sedona, AZ.  YEAHHH  So today has been a fabulous day!  After he got home though, he did make me go on a hunt in our house to find my own Mother's Day present.....which he so cleverly hid from me....but also hid it so high from me that he knew I'd never look in the hiding spot.  One reason....I'm only 5'4" tall so anything high up I would never find it anyway. haha  He bought me a very beautiful necklace that I wore to dinner tonight.  Oh....and he took me out to the dinner of my choice.  I just chose to go to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  It was a wonderful change of restaurants than the usual places we tend to go.

So overall......I've had a FABULOUS Mother's Day!!!  I love being with my children and my husband and my family back home when we are able to get there. 

I pray if you are a Mother or a mentor to other children that you have been totally blessed today as well. 

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous day!! i am so glad! Mine was wonderful too. i had a fabulous brunch with my family and ate way too much. my daughter also made me a book at school that tells what she likes about me and the things we doo together. She wrote me a note at the end and i cried. i will treasure it. homemade gifts are the best!
    Take Care