Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jill Rensel Studio visit and pics.....

Ok....continuing on with my visit to UT for the Shepherd's Bush retreat last month, we visited Jill Rensel's Studio that Monday when we arrived in Ogden. was my idea because I had 2 pieces I needed her to frame up for me....for my xmas present this year from my husband.  That's what I wanted.  My xstitch pieces framed and what better way to pick out frames and mats than just visit Jill's studio and talk with her in person. 

Our little group went there after our visit to SB first and purchased a few little things before the SB Birthday party on Tues.  I was having Jill to frame up my SB Sail Away that I had taken a class from them in 2007 at the very first Dyeing To Stitch retreat in VA Beach.  Yes....I sometimes take years to get my pieces framed. don't want me to keep talking as I know you want to see the pics I took of Jill, her studio, her framed pieces there and then more pics of us.  I just took random pictures around her studio this day and another day that we went back.  I'm including all the pics of Jill's studio here .... for my sanity sake.  I'm sure I missed SOMETHING framed up gorgeous there so .... again.... that's the next trip to the SB retreat.

Well for some reason, my other pics are NOT wanting to post.  My apologies.  I don't know why because I've already copied and resized them to fit.  Maybe the computer is having issues for right now so I will continue posting the pics tomorrow. 

I'm off to xstitch some now on Ted's project....MBT The Lord's Prayer. 

Happy Stitching.

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