Thursday, August 8, 2013

A couple of finishes and a WIP......

Hello everyone!!!!!!  I'm soooo glad to be posting on my blog again!!!!  So much has happened recently and those closest to me know all the details so I won't bore you with all that has been going on in my life.  But as we all do, we have those days where it seems like things just go wrong constantly.  Unfortunately one of those things was my computer.  It died.  ACKKKKKKK  I'm sure yall would have the same reaction and after much trying to get it fixed, it wasn't happening.  So now I'm trying to find my way around on a new computer all the while still trying to find time to xstitch for sanity's sake!

So without further rambling on my part, I will show you my 2 small finishes for now. 

LHN Glory to God ornament (from JCS ornament magazine a few years ago)   This will be my mom's ornament for Christmas this year.

LHN Attic Needlework (kit sold exclusively at Attic Needlework) Send me an email if you need the number to her shop to order the kit which is chart and Belle Soie Silks fabric.

I'm sorry for the wrinkles in the design.  I was in  a hurry taking the pic this a.m. while I had my DD on the phone to help me know where/how to retrieve the pictures from the camera disc.  :-)

And now for one of my WIP that I tend to rotate.  This is for Nicola's Scarlet Letter year and this is Mary Baker Sampler.

I do have my husband's project but it was in the qsnaps this morning and I really didn't feel like undoing it since I knew I would be stitching on that project later today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Tomorrow is my birthday so I hope to open my presents in the morning and then spend the day just cross stitching the hours away.

Happy stitching!

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  1. Your stitching is beautiful !!

    I do love that pattern of Attic Needlework. Do you know if they still sell that pattern? Or maybe you sell it?