Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Birthday dinner......

My son and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight for my birthday dinner.  Oh my starsssssss.......there were NO PARKING spaces.  I had to park at the restaurant next door.  I did not know that there was an Arizona Cardinals football game playing on the TV.  The BWW lot was jam packed as was the restaurant.  They could not tell us how long the wait was and this was at 5:30pm tonight. was a Friday night but I did not realize this until we got there.  If I had not really wanted the Buffalo Wild Wings for my dinner and then my free birthday dessert, I might have turned around and came back home.  So my son waited patiently with me. all turned out fine and we only had to wait 35min for a table.

So .... here is some pics of the 2 of us and our dinner tonight.  He and I always share the large mild wings with ranch dressing and a side order of fries.  Then for dessert, I chose their Chocolate Fudge Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.  YUM YUM!!! 

I know ..... I know.  I will have to walk extra long for eating the dessert.  But in my defense....I didn't eat all my wings, fries and shared the dessert.  My son and I like to save some wings to eat later on after they've gotten cold in the fridge.


This just finished off my wonderful birthday today.  I'm off to xstitch the night away and watch some movies!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy Birthday to you!! And how nice that you and your son had such a lovely time!!! Laura

  2. Lovely pictures Brenda - thanks for sharing (although you might have shared your chocolate fudge cake with me too) LOL !

  3. Hi Brenda, Did not know it was your birthday! Happy belated Birthday! So happy you and your son had some good eatin. Miss seeing you at stitching, but totally understand. Have some great stitching time! Carol :)

  4. happy belated birthday Brenda! Sounds like a great day( what's not great about stitching the day away! LOL!) Good eats! French fries are my downfall.