Friday, September 6, 2013

Time for an update!!!

Once again I am saying....."WOW!  Where has the time gone???"  I taken some pictures of my completed stitching projects and some WIP pictures.  I did not take a picture of my husband BOP (big ole project) yet.  I'll save that for another day.  So let's get started with some pictures for you to see my stitching and a belated b-day gift.

This is a necklace my daughter beaded and sent to me when she moved to go to college!!  But....the stipulation was that I could not open it until we could Skype.   Of course, the package arrives the day she leaves to go to a Leadership Conference!!!!   Soooooo I had to wait for 3 days til she got back home(she is going to college in a different state than I'm living in) .....but it was sooooo worth the wait!!!  I've gotten soooo many compliments on it!!!  Way to go Grace!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  She knows I love pink!!!!

LHN Faith Sheep Virtue ornament


SB Sheep Freebie

Prairie Schooler Christmas Strawberry WIP (only because I've not done the finishing work for it)

The Scarlet Letter Mary Baker WIP

 And lastly..... here is .......

Blue Ribbon Designs Red Rosies and Pink Posies.  I just LOVE these colors.  You can see how to get this chart and help a great cause while you are at  it!  Just go to Blue Ribbon Designs blog and then you will see where to click on the link to take you to the design.  Here is her blog link to save you some time. Blue Ribbon Designs

Have a great weekend and as always....... HAPPY STITCHING!


  1. Congratulations on your finishes and your starts! The necklace your daughter created for you is so lovely.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Your finishes are wonderful! I especially look forward to seeing the Strawberry PS one finished... it will be great! And THAT Scarlet Letter chart interests me, because it looks like there are NO specialty stitches or over one, or people... Thanks for sharing! Hugs!