Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Handmade Presents....

I just love getting presents whether it is early, on the intended date of the celebration for whatever celebration it  may be, or late due to unforeseen circumstances (AKA life).  Whatever and whenever it is given, I am ALWAYS THANKFUL because that person has taken the time to make or give me a present!!!   It doesn't have to be handmade either.  I am just thankful for the present because that person took the time to either make or go buy me a gift!

Today, my friend Janet came over so we could do some finishing work on our BBD stockings and she brought me my belated Christmas gift.  Oh my stars.....I absolutely love it!!!  And I love the huge glass jar that had a mixture of Hershey Kisses!!!!  She stitched up the new freebie design by LHN!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  And her finishing is just exquisite with that adorable cording with the rusted jingle bell at the tip end.  Janet told me to use the cording to wrap around the Christmas tree limb to hang it.  What a wonderful idea!!  I am DEFINITELY going to have to try this technique!!!

Here are my new goodies!  I love the bag and the saying on it!!  Look at the printed tissue paper too!!!  TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

Here is another present from my best friend Kimberly.  She stitched up Mosey N Me Santa and she too used those rusted jingle bells on the hanger!!!!  Kimberly, too, included some chocolates along with my stitched gift.  I'm going to have to order me some to use on other people's Christmas ornaments for this year!!!!  I love it!!! 

One last handmade Christmas gift was from my dear friend Pat who Tole paints presents for me for my birthday and Christmas gifts!!  I give her cross stitched project that are combined with sewn projects that I make using the sewing machine like tote bags, project bags, thread organizer packs, etc.  Here is my Santa she painted me.  Inside she included some Chocolate Drinking chocolate mix along with some Godiva chocolates!!!  YUMM YUMM!!!

After rereading what I was about to post here, I just realized something.  All these ladies sent me chocolate with my gifts this year.  Hmmmm.....I think they know me too well.  I also know I'm going to have to walk more on the treadmill so I can ENJOY these chocolates without guilt!  Feeling guilty eating chocolate?????   NEVER!!! hehe

Happy Stitching!


  1. What lovely goodies you were given by your friends, Brenda! Know you will enjoy them.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Guilty about chocolate? Never from me either! It calms the nerves... and gets rid of my migraines! Lovely presents! Congrats!