Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Today I am starting the Just Nan Stitch A Long with Zeb!  You can check out the link on my side bar or the link within this post.  I love how Zeb started her post as I saw it last night.  So I am borrowing a couple of her photo ideas.  Thank you Zeb!

I keep all my Just Nan charts in binders in the numerical order that they have been released.  Yes....I started this organization long ago.  As you can see, I have been collecting for a very long time from the amount of binders shown here.  I have 9 full binders.....most have the fabrics with them and some have silks and DMC threads as well.  I credit a small Just Nan kit that I bought from my LNS for $10 for my love of cross stitching on linen.  The kit came with the chart, linen, threads, bead and needle.  I figured if I didn't like cross stitching on linen then I will have only wasted $10 but I fell in love with cross stitching on linen.

I have the charts stored in sleeves along with the fabric on the backside of the chart like in this photo.

Here is a class project that a friend gifted to me as I ALWAYS wanted to take the JN Pansy Cameo class.  She had signed up for it but due to circumstances could not attend the class and later on she lost interest in cross stitching it.  So she blessed me with the chart and I bought the supplies to stitch it.  This one will be a definite project of mine to stitch up this year.  Pansies are my favorite flower and this project can't be more perfect.

I keep all my whimzi's and some Just Nan frames and tins stored in a gift bag on the shelf too.  It looks more organized with keeping them all together.  I know when I need to stitch up a whimzi I can go directly to the bag that has them all in it.  I have another gift bag with more frames stored in it but I didn't take that picture of it.

Here is what I decided as my first Just Nan New Year's Day start.  It is her Jolly Old Elf.....J.O.E.  I know I could have started any one of my many Just Nan charts but it just seemed right to get this New Year's Day started off right with an ornament!!!  Yes....I know there are some of you laughing because I love cross stitching my ornaments all year long but this one will go on my Whimzi tree this year!!!!

I have also signed up for Daffycat's TUSAL.  If you want to know more about it, please click on her link to find out.  I decided to pull out a gift a friend had painted for me as my ORT box.  My dear friend Pat tole paints exquisite projects as gifts for me and I give her sewing projects.  She can cross stitch and had painted herself an altoid tin ORT box as well so she gifted this one to me to have.  Isn't it gorgeous??!!!  I will eventually transfer the ORTs to a bigger container as it gets full but this is just the perfect size to keep beside me while I cross stitch.  Maybe I will need to go shopping for a bigger container next week.

I am going back to cross stitching on my JN Jolly Old Elf!!  Our family had gone out to the movies today to see Saving Mr. Banks so I didn't get anything done this morning except taking my pictures for my blog post today.  I forsee a late night of cross stitching!

Happy Stitching everyone!



  1. Love how you store them with the fabrics. I have a few charts (not just nan) kitted when I actually buy all the stuff together. Lol jOE is cute I'm sure you will have him done tomorrow speedy needles

  2. What a wonderful way to store your Just Nan charts with the fabric and floss! The ORT box is lovely.

  3. That is a cute JN chart to start with! What is that movie about? I saw a bit of the preview... didn't get much out of it! Hugs!

  4. Great way to organize your projects! I think that some spring cleaning and organizing is in order here!