Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last post for 2013.......I think....

Wow!  Where has this year gone to????  I don't know but it's hard to believe that it is now December 31 and this could be my last post for this year.  It's only 4:50pm right now so I still have this evening to still post something.....if I get a chance!

I am going to try and finish up a small ornament that I had started just 2 days ago.  I had wanted to get 3 small finishes done before tonight but I will be happy to get this one done and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) another small ornament finished tonight.

I am stitching on Threadwork Primitives NOEL.  I just pulled some 36ct Sassy fabric and cut it to size for this ornament and changed the red color to a different color.  I will hopefully be able to share this finish tonight or sometime tomorrow.

This year has been a wonderful one for me......like every year.  My husband made it home from a 6month deployment in time for our 21year anniversary and then shortly there after my daughter flew home for Christmas as well.  Thankfully our son was here to help me while my husband was deployed and daughter was off to college.  He helped me with cleaning the house, chores and cooking meals.  Secretly I'm just training him to be able to live on his own without really coming out to tell him, but he really was a great help those nights when my MS had me very fatigued and I didn't feel like cooking.  But he did it for me.  I would have been just as happy to eat a bowl of cereal on those nights.

As I said, I'm off to finish up a small ornament.  I have my JN project already pulled out to get started on tomorrow.  Yes....it's a little Whimzi ornament!!!  You can check out Zeb's Just Nan SAL here.  You can see Zeb's blog Keep Calm and Cross Stitch.  The 2nd link shows how she's pulled her JN charts out.  I need to take a picture of all my binders tomorrow to share with you as well.  I keep telling myself that this will help me stay focused on small JN projects in between those huge SALs that I like to do as well.  Plus.....it gets my JN stash stitched up!!! 

I have soooo much that I want to cross stitch this coming year but there are a couple of old UFOs that I REALLY want to finish this coming year so I can get them framed and hanging on my walls.  I will let you know when I get them done.  Until later.....or tomorrow.......HAPPY STITCHING!

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  1. OOh I look forward to seeing your binders! It is always fun to see how people organize their stash! Looking forward to seeing your SAL stitching this year! Hugs!