Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Day 6......

Here is what I got from my Stitcher's Garden Advent Day 6 today.  I searched around in my box of wrapped goodies and chose the one I was going to open today.  I thought I was going to be opening up some cupcake holders but I was sooooooo wrong!  That is what I get for trying to guess what I am getting.  It was round and shaped like those cupcake wrappers you buy from the grocery store but it was really a Rubbermaid round storage container that held a patriotic small flag, a HDF 6SR mini in a silk combination I had not seen but was a beautiful variegated color, and a skein of Wildberries floss in Mulberry!!!  I love it all.

Now here is my iStitch Advent Day 6 SAL for today.  I had started on it early this morning but then I had to leave to run some errands and was gone all day long.  Now I've had some time after dinner to finish up my Day 6 part. 

I love the whole project and the touches of green and red color thus far.  I'm still debating whether to rip out the letter "B" and restitch it in green silk.  Then when I come to the letter "W" I would stitch it in green as well for my initials.  I'm still thinking on whether to do that or not.  Until tomorrow.....


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  1. IMHO, do the initials! I try to do that on any pieces with alphabets (in purple)... and now when my older granddaughters come up, they look around and make sure the initials are on any new pieces or they interrogate me as to why I did not do that! Recently, their mom, my daughter, found some older stitched pieces that I gave them, from storage, and hung them. When the girls saw them they asked who stitched them. She said 'Grandma' and they said it couldn't be -- there were no special initials! I am a legend now! Hugs!