Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Day 3

YEAHHHH I got to start stitching on my iStitch Advent Day 3 this morning before having to go run errands.  I am SOOOOO LOVING this little project!!!  I think when I complete the stitching, I may make it into a nice bellpull but I'm not totally decided upon that idea.  I just finished stitching it just now and took the picture to post tonight.  I meant to finish it earlier but you know how errands and chores can be.....time consuming to keep you from xstitching!

Here is my Day 3 Advent gift from the Stitcher's Garden Advent Exchange!!  I got a new Christmas hand towel, some mini light garland which I will put in my Just Nan 12 Days of Christmas whimzi's tree, and another stitched ornament.  I purposely picked this one because Linda said I could choose whatever present every day.....except the first one was labeled.  I'm opening the presents with stitched ornaments on top so I can ENJOY those ornaments all Advent long til Christmas!!!

So now....I'm getting more and more handmade ornaments on my tree.  It's the smaller of our 2 trees.  That's ok. It's still about 7feet tall and it is FULL of all handmade ornaments!!!  And I LOVE IT!!!  I love handmade ornaments!!!  I love giving them and I love receiving them!!!! 

Now I'm off to stitch on MBT Apostle's Creed.  I need to catch up to the other ladies!!!  I can honestly say I'm finished with decorating the house now.  I did that tonight AND I even made up a new wreath for our front door......only because all the supplies were in the box I was unpacking and I didn't want to put it all back in there!  haha

Happy Stitching everyone!

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  1. Day Three is a good one too! Just seeing the ornament makes me imagine the smells of holiday cooking!