Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy August everyone!!!!!

Wow!  I bet you thought I forgot I had a blog to post to???  I was beginning to wonder myself.  Some of you know that my husband got orders for a new assignment to Wright-Patterson AFB!!!  We are THRILLED to be here in Ohio because it is that much closer to TN where our daughter is going to college....which also means that we are within DRIVING DISTANCE to go see her a whole lot more often than we were able to living in AZ.  However, I am saddened to leave my friends back in AZ but we will definitely still stay in touch through email, phone, text, and hopefully Skype here soon just like my friends in TX and PA.  But we drove for 5 long days coming across from AZ to OH and we have realized that we are just not as young as we used to be when making these cross country moves for the AF.  lol

Here is what my sewing room looked like before the packers packed it up on the truck along with all of our household goods.  I just HAD to take a couple of pictures of my sewing room and the poor guy packing my sewing room said he had NEVER packed a room 1 1/2days just to get it completed. hehe

This first picture was taken from inside my closet in the sewing room.

This 2nd picture was taken from the door looking in to my sewing room.

I felt soooo sorry for the packer for my sewing room as I usually do a lot more packing into trunks but one of my 2 trunks had seen it's better days and I had gotten rid of it.  And then, after packing up as much as I had in Rubbermaid totes, I too said...."Forget it.  The packers can do the rest."  (I'm wishing now I had perservered in my usual anal packing a lot of my own stash up so I would know where I put what.)  However, Henry, the packer for my sewing room, did an excellent job I must say and not ONE THING WAS BROKEN from my sewing room.  If only the rest of the packing crew had his mentality.  We did have a lamp broken this time and a juice glass.  Then there were some of the scraps and my couch suffered a small rip on the armcushion.  But those things can be filed as claims with the military. 

Then as my son and I were unpacking my sewing room here in OH, I wished I had taken a "before" picture and then an "after" picture of how it looked.  Oh well.  I was just wanting to get it all done and my stash into it's new home and location in my new room.....which I might add is definitely bigger than the last room. not add anymore into the room than what I have already and to start to downsize some.  We did get it done in one day!!! WOOHOO

You must realize one thing though about my sewing room.  I never had one growing up.  When my husband and I were first married, we lived on base in a 3BR duplex on base.  I told him when he married me, I came with baggage.....(baggage meaning all my sewing fabric, sewing machine and serger and minimal xstitch supplies and crafts.)  So one of the bedrooms became my sewing room and I also told him then that I would always need a sewing room.  He has honored that request ever since!!!!

We have gotten the house almost all set up in one week.  We still need to get our daughter's room set up, the office set up, pictures hung on the wall and then the Precious Moments all displayed which can take a week if only one person is doing that job.  lol 

I hope to show some finishes here soon.  What I'm working on right now I cannot show.  They are gifts for friends but will show them later on this year after they are given out. 

I know what JN I need to get started on to show for my JN SAL, and I need to see about a "Smalls" project here soon.  I don't know what "Smalls" I want to stitch but I have an idea of one thing.  And I need to get that started soon.  Another reason for getting the house all set I can XSTITCH MORE and unpack wayyyyyyy less.  haha  If you haven't moved lately, just think of having your entire house packed up and move 1000s of miles away to a new location, house hunt for a new house, and then have the boxes all delivered to that new house.  It's a lot more work than what you think.  Exciting yes......draining on an aged body.....EVEN MORE SO!!!!  lol

Until another day and time.....HAPPY STITCHING!!!


  1. Glad to hear you found a house and have your sewing room unpacked along with the various other rooms. It sounds great that you will be closer to your daughter's college.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I'm glad your move went so well. I know what its like to move. I've done 3 international moves in the past 5 years :)

  3. Good luck in OH Brenda! Where about are you. My niece goes to school in Youngstown. So nice you will be able to visit your daughter more. I'd love to see pictures of your new sewing room.

  4. So happy your move has gone well. We haven't moved in 6 years and I feel the need to - just to get a good purge of all the things that accumulate in the backs of cupboards and closets. I finally have my own sewing room in our current house and was amazed at how much I accumulated by stuffing it into various places. Putting it all in one place is a bit embarrassing but oh so much fun to unpack. You will get so inspired by all the projects you forgot you had. Good luck in your new home!