Monday, August 25, 2014

TUSAL report......

Yeah!!!  Thank goodness I had all these SAL and things that I joined in written on my kitchen calendar.  I LIVE by that kitchen calendar!!!  Do you???  I get up in the morning and look to see what is on my agenda for today.  And today is the TUSAL check in.  Daffycat is the one hosting this so go check out her link to her blog HERE or click on the TUSAL link above to see what this whole TUSAL is all about.  

My jar is getting filled up.  I even kept the ORTs while traveling cross country when I was able to xstitch and just added all of them to my ORT jar when we got moved in our new house.  Thankfully I was able to find it easily when unpacking my sewing room boxes. 

Here is where I'm at for today's report.  I wished I had taken the picture earlier this morning when it was brighter but oh well.  You get the gist.

I'm working on another small project that I hope to have finished to share with you soon. 

Happy Stitching everyone!

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  1. Certainly is filling up Brenda. I don´t know how you find time to stitch when moving house. Hope you will be happy in your new home.