Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cup Organizers and a pincushion!!!

Recently, after my daughter went back to college, she asked me to make her a pincushion to put all her pins in that she had left over from making an Anime CosPlay costume.  She had sewn the costume while she was at home but didn't finish with the ribbon trim and had pinned the ribbon on which she would finish when she got back to TN.  So now, here she had all these pins just in a Ziplock bag.  I asked her if she didn't want me to send her a small Whitman tin to hold them in but her reply was "No.....mama.  I like the things you make for me!"  OHHHHHHH to make a mama proud!

I knew that I was going to make her and her roommate a cup organizer to help keep them organized but I ended up making 3.  One for my daughter, her roommate this year and one for Grace's roommate last year who just lives next door but they all still hang out together.  It was soooo much fun picking out fabrics for them.  Grace had helped me pick out for one set but she wanted to be surprised for her set.

Here are the supplies.

Here they are laid flat so you can see the inside pockets that go inside the mugs.

Here they are assembled!!!!

And you can see Grace's little pincushion laying in front of them all.  What you can't see is the small heart button that I sewed inside the middle.

The girls had soooo much fun deciding on who got what organizer.  I did pick up the mugs from Dollar Tree but any mug or cup that you have extra in your house (that you aren't using as my husband would say) can be used to make these wonderful organizers. 

I LOVE making these as they make great gifts to friends or your kid's teachers as gifts.  And what fun you have PICKING OUT THE FABRIC!  I think that is the hardest part sometimes......deciding on WHAT fabric to use!!! 

Now....I'm off to clean and organize my sewing room some more. is still a WIP....but what sewing room isn't???  haha

Happy Stitching today!!!


  1. What adorable organizers! The fabrics are so great. I will have to try to find this pattern.

  2. Very cute organizers Brenda! That is an excellent gift idea.