Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Smalls Post.....

Heather of Stitching Lotus hosts the monthly Smalls SAL!!!  You can click on her link there or up above to go to see what the Smalls SAL is all about. 

I had stitched up the latest SB My Home scissor fob last of August, but I just didn't have time to get it finished into the fob to post.  So as to not stress myself out over it, I saved it to share this month for the Smalls SAL.  I will admit I did the finishing though yesterday.  lol  Nothing like stitching something but then I tend to wait do the "finishing" all on a particular Friday Finishes.  However, yesterday wasn't Friday and last Friday when I planned to do it, something came up that I didn't get to do the finishing on it.

I have done the ribbon finishing on other SB fobs but for some reason, I didn't make the loops very loopy yesterday.  Not too sure why.  I look at it and I swear it reminds me of when my husband goes in for his haircuts and gets a military "buzz cut".  I feel like I gave my ribbon edging a "buzz looping" yesterday!   ROFL

I had bought the little purple heart scissors from Kelmscott when I paid for my SB My Home fob kit.  I might check and see what SB has when I go to their shop before retreat next month.  Hmmmm I might have to have a new pair of scissors.  I'm sure SB has some to choose from.  I am thinking a darker purple for scissors to match the fob more.  Nothing is wrong with these scissors except that I think I want a darker purple color to match the fob.  Which means......I will have to stitch ANOTHER FOB in a lighter purple to match the purple heart scissors.

I also had some beads left over so you will notice the tiny beads at the bottom of each ribbon tassel to just add some fun and flair to my fob. are your Christmas Ornaments coming along???  Me.....I made my list the other day and I have 4 left to stitch but I know exactly which ones those have to be.  Yes....I will use the stash I have here now especially after having to move and remind myself HOW MUCH STASH I have in my sewing room.   But I have many left to do the FINISHING WORK on so that will be another Friday of finishing!!!!  Maybe this Friday!!!!????

Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Beautiful fobs! I love the ribbon "buzz cut" :)

  2. The ribbon finish looks fine to me. I am not real fond of it with big loops... I look forward to seeing more of your finishing...doing great! Hugs!

  3. Beautiful scissors fob! I have a few ornaments to stitch and finish up, but I have started them so that is an improvement on last year :)

  4. Lovely stitching and finishing; agree that you "need" more scissors (or is that just me?)

  5. Your scissor fob is very sweet, loopy ribbons or not!