Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Smalls

Heather of Stitching Lotus is the hostess of our Smalls SAL for 2015.  I am LOVING this SAL as it helps keep me focused on at least one ornament a month and getting all my Just Nan Ornamental Advent days stitched.  You can click the link above or on her blog name Stitching Lotus and it will take you to her blog to read more about this SAL.

Here is my Prairie Schooler angel I stitched this month.  I hope I left enough fabric to make it into the triangle ornament as shown on the O Christmas Tree chart.  If not, it may have to be just a square ornament and I will restitch it again on a bigger sized piece of fabric to make into the actual triangle shape.

I was able to get 3 days stitched again for the Just Nan Ornamental Advent days.  If the picture seems kind of awkward, it is because Day 12 is last day on the first big piece of fabric.  Nan tells you what size to cut for Days 1-12 and also for Days 13-24.  I've had to lay the 2nd piece as close to Day 12 as possible to get just the 3 days I stitched for this month all in one picture.

My apologies for not ironing all the stitched pieces down.  My wonderful husband had decided he would share his cold with me so I've been stitching as much as I can when I've felt like it.  When I finished sewing the beads on Day 14 today, I just did not feel like ironing anything.  Maybe next time.

That's all I have to share for today.  Be looking for another post when I can show more progress on my And They Sinned project and also my other B.O.P. (big ole project) which is Amazing Grace by My Big Toe.  I'm really enjoying both of these B.O.P.s along with my other smalls that I'm stitching.  Ok.  Who am I kidding???   I JUST LOVE TO XSTITCH!!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hope that you are feeling better soon. I caught a cold over the Easter holiday which left me with a lingering cough. Ugh.
    I stitched that PS design and finished it into the tree ornament. They are such nice ornaments.
    Nice progress on your Just Nan design.

  2. Brenda, congratulations on your PS Angel finish along with your 3 Just Nan Advent blocks. Sorry you are dealing with a cold; hope you are feeling better soon.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Oh, i hope you feel better soon. Lovely stitching!

  4. Hope you feel better soon but glad to hear you are still stitching! That PS Angel is very pretty.

  5. Dealing with a cold in the spring seems harder than any other time of the year-I usually get one from one of the third graders at the school where I volunteer. Hope you are feeling better. Lovely stitching!

  6. Hope your cold leaves soon. I battled one this year and it was no fun, so I can relate. Your stitching is so pretty. Well done.

  7. Great finishes last month! I was going to make a triangular finish (a 'cube' type finish) one time, but couldn't figure out HOW! I think just flat triangular finishes are the way to go!