Saturday, April 25, 2015

Favorite Designer and some rambling on a rainy day....

As I was sitting here looking in my little black book of designers and what I have collected from each of them, I was wondering if anyone else did this?  Do you make a list of who you have and what chart/kits you have from them?  I started this LONG ago when I first started collecting charts/kits so that I could remember what I had in my stash.  I'm a visual person so when I see something written, I tend to remember it.  Now after all these years, I'm SOOOOO GLAD I started this process long ago so as to NOT have to go and try to do that now.

LOVE to xstitch and love a variety of designers, but I have to say that I have 2 favorite designers.  I have collected MANY MANY MANY charts and kits from them over the years funds would allow.  Some were gifts but some were bought on sale!  They would be:

Just Nan and Shepherd's Bush

Well, let's just say I think I have every chart/kit that Just Nan and Shepherd's Bush has put out........ with only a few exceptions along the way.  If I never bought another chart or kit, I would have enough to keep me busy until I die and I think there are a few of you out there that are like me.

I think the reason that Just Nan is one of my top favorite designers is because of a little $10 kit I bought of her LONNNNNNNNGGGGGG ago.  It came with the chart, linen, needle, threads and beads all in one little kit.  This was my first experience with linen and my shop owner at the time told me that I would fall in love with linen and never go back to anything else.  She was right!!!!  It was after that small Just Nan kit, I fell in love with the soft pastel colors of Shepherd's Bush and they sold kits also that had the chart, fabric, needle and beads all as a kit as well. 

That is all I have for today for my ramblings!  If you follow my blog and have a favorite designer, I would LOVE to know who it is.  So leave me a comment who that designer is! 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy Saturday, Brenda! I just looked out the window and it is raining here as well. Hmmm...let's see! At the moment, my very favorite designers are Blue Ribbon Designs and The Prairie Schooler. Of course, I have a list of maybe 12-15 more designers who I really enjoy stitching.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Ooh interesting! I like to work on a variety of things but I always go back to Lizzie*Kate.

  3. Ooh interesting! I like to work on a variety of things but I always go back to Lizzie*Kate.

  4. Hello, Brenda!
    I also have a few favorites, usually any kind of a sampler, but as for the designer - right now Little House Needleworks is in the first place. I fell in love with their houses - "The Needleworker's House" and "The Neighborhood".

  5. I wish I would have kept a list of the designers and designs that I have in my stash. Unfortunately, I have way too much to try and start it now. Like you, I have a wide variety of designers and charts in my stash, but have a couple that are my all time favorites.

  6. I have always kept a stash notebook. It has all my threads, linen and charts by designer. I have quite a variety of designs but have actually stitched more Blackbird Designs and La D Da than any of the others.

  7. I love Just Nan too! I have so many of her band samplers and her Hallowe'en pieces too. I could never collect everything she's done although I'm having a good try! I'm not such a fan of the little creatures though.
    At the end of each month I'm featuring a different designer for the DESIGN SAL and Nan was January's choice.
    I do like Shepherd's Bush too and have several of the mini samplers (The herbs and flowers ones).
    My latest blog post included a review of an inventory app for the iPad which I have bought recently and found it to be easy to use and very helpful.

  8. My favorite designers are Alma Allen and Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs. Their designs have been consistently wonderful for so many years, and their versatility extends to stitching, quilting, rug hooking, and various one-of-a-kind pieces such as covered boxes, pin cushions, and SO MUCH more, even including directions to make a scented candle. Their designs never cease to amaze me! - Linda L from AZ

  9. Gosh, I can't pick just ONE! Currently it is LHN, Bent Creek, Lizzie Kate, Jardin Prive, and My Big Toe to name just a few...not in order tho, cause I cannot take sides! ha!