Friday, May 20, 2016

One more MD present and a WIP.......

I just had to post one more Mother's Day present as DD got this for me yesterday when we were out running errands.  She couldn't find it before moving out of the dorm so she was betting on finding it once she moved back home......and she did!  She got me this wonderful new bowl to eat my Raman noodles!!!

I never ate these when I was in college, but I do love to eat them on a cold day to warm me up inside!!!  Thank you sweetheart!!!!

Now....for some stitching news.  Here is my JN Lindy House of Mouse WIP.  This it the project I started the night that DS and DH were at a Youth Sleepover at our church, and I had the whole Fri night to myself and most of the following Saturday.  The 3rd block down I stitched on Sat the next day, and the bottom block is one that I did the following Sat.  I only completed the top 2 blocks that Friday night, but I was watching a movie so that is why I didn't get more stitched.  (I'll know better the next time to NOT put in a movie while having my stitching weekend!)

I hope to get this finished up soon!!!  It really is a fun stitch, but I'm not attaching the beads until the very end when all stitching is complete!!!

Happy Stitching


  1. Super looking bowl, Brenda! Very thoughtful of your daughter! Your Just Nan WIP is looking good. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. OR put on a movie you have seen already, so you can pick and choose when to focus on stitching or the movie! Good, huh?!! Your project is coming along wonderfully! Hugs!