Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Summer and a couple WIP......

I have to laugh at myself as I write Happy Summer.  It has gotten hot here and with some rain recently, we have been having humidity to go along with it.  UGH  Oh well.

But to make things a little more bearable, Kroger's had some WONDERFUL looking strawberries on sale so I thought chocolate covered strawberries would be PERFECT dessert!!!  I have my fruit with just a little bit of chocolate.  LOL  I used the Bakers Dipping Milk Chocolate that all you do is microwave to melt the chocolate.  It was SUPER EASY to do.  Just follow the directions on the container and the great thing is that if you don't use all the chocolate, it can be stored in the refridgerator up to 2 weeks after melting.

I know the top left strawberry doesn't look the greatest, but I had a small amount of chocolate left in the container so I was trying to spoon it out to cover up the missing "leaf" at the top.  If I could have had them all look perfect without the green leaf at the top, I would have covered them all in chocolate! LOL

Now to keep on the stitching news, I had started Plum Street Samplers Betsy Tart this past weekend and here is where I am at right now.  I am using 36ct Glacier Sassy Fabric.

I had also started JN Spring In the Air sampler using her silk conversion.  There are 4 pansies at the top of the sampler that are stitched over one thread with 1 strand of silk.  Yes....JN does give an enlarged graph for the pansies so you aren't having to strain your eyes to see the symbols when stitching that part.  I am LOVING this project and is for me.

Now back to stitching for today.  Or is it time for lunch so I can have my new dessert now!!!????!!!   Hmmmmmm

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love your Betsy tart ! I've seen a couple lately and was just thinking WOW - Brenda's looks so different. Love the linen choice too. Then I read back thru your recent posts and realize you changed the colors. I love the change. take care Mel

  2. Yum! My kids would love it if I did that to some strawberries. They are just lucky that I buy them fruit...Love your Betsy Tart. Looks lovely.

  3. Betsy is looking good as do your pansies. Thanks for the heads up about the Bakers' dipping chocolate.

  4. Betsy and pansies are sweet.....not to mention your chocolate covered strawberries.....😃

  5. Yummmm... I have been craving chocolate! Not a fan of strawberries but those look perfect! Betsy looks perfect. She will be done in no time! And those pansies are over one... wow! Beautiful! Hugs!

  6. The pansies look amazing! So worthwhile taking the extra time to stitch them, they are so detailed.
    Just one question - what is "leftover" chocolate? I don't think such a thing exists in this house!