Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stitcher's Garden Vintage SAL and a WIP

Stitcher's Garden is a message board that I belong to, and we have decided to stitch a "Vintage" chart from our stash.  We were to gather all our supplies in the late fall last year and make a start on Jan 1.  I had chosen Mirabilia The Lady of the Flag as I have wanted to stitch her for the longest time.  I know my first post of her on Jan 1 this year was just of the chart and the supplies.  I had hoped to get more stitched on her, but I didn't get as much as I had hoped.  That's ok as there is no time limit on her....except maybe the fact that I want her finished and possibly framed by Oct when it's my husband's birthday.

Here is what I have started.  I did find the center at the top and I had to count over to get started at the top of the flag pole.  I counted, recounted and recounted.....and recounted again.

I thought I would post my other B.O.P. (big ole project).  This is MBT 10 Commandements.  I am enjoying stitching this one SOOOOOOO much and now that I'm almost finished with it, I just want to get it done so that I don't have 2 B.O.P. in my stash.  I can have medium and small projects as WIPs but it seems to bother me when I have several of the huge HUGE projects started.

That' all I have to show today.  I hope you are enjoying this new year and your stitching time.  So until my next post.....HAPPY STITCHING!


  1. Super start on Lady of the Flag, Brenda! I had been wondering about the Ten Commandments piece. Wow, you have made fabulous progress on it.

  2. Oh good. Thank you Brenda. This finally verifies that I am NOT a nutcase. I thought I may be the only one who does the recounting thing like that!
    10 Commandments looks wonderful!

  3. 10 Commandments is lovely, I enjoy stitching MBT patterns. Great start on Lady, eager to follow you're progress!

  4. Love the Ten Commandments embroidery and the colours

  5. I count and count and count also! It beats frogging later... IF I did it properly! Love your start--that is going to be fantastic! And the Ten Commandments is really progressing--congrats! I love My Big Toe designs. I have one framed finish to my left right now, and one flatfold to the right of me... and I am just sitting at my desk! Hugs!